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Thread: Glad to be back in the BMWMOA

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    Glad to be back in the BMWMOA

    True Story,
    A Navy buddy of mine bought a BMW GS in the early 80's , i was on a Honda 500 Interceptor at the time. We used to ride all over the San Francisco area, still miss "Skyline Blvd" trips. Anyway, he invited me to go to a BMW Rally, so i thought sure, why not, so we went. We had a blast, good people, good music, good weather, good roads, good riding,etc. I went on my very first "poker run", which was very cool, cause i WON the dang thing! At each stop we picked up a sealed envelope, inside each envelope was a playing card. Imagine my surprise when they opened up my envelopes all 5 of them had a Queen inside.
    So, at the award ceremony i was awarded a one ounce gold coin valued at approx $300 at the time. I was so impressed with the new K100RT that year, that i took the coin and sold it and applied the proceeds toward the down payment on a shiny new 1983 K100RT (Silver). I joined the BMWMOA shortly thereafter, and rode the K bike for a couple of years before eventually selling it. Didn't care for the whole smoking problem if you left it on the sidestand thing. I did, however love to ride that bike, i put a Corbin seat on it, and rode it from California to Illinois in 85 if memory serves me. It was 3 of the best days of my life, just me, the BMW and the open road. Spent the first night camped in the desert outside of Barstow, it was warm so decided to spend the next night in a hotel so i could shower off some of the sweat.
    Got in with some "OLD" Goldwing riders somewhere in Missouri, and rode with them for a while, but these old geezers wanted to "cruise" at 95 mph, so i let 'em go ahead without me, the kid just couldn't hang...
    Anyway, a few years later i picked up a used R100S (euro spec) from an Army Major and rode that for awhile, till we got stationed in Guam where the roads are made from coral, and when it rains they get slick as snot, add to that about a million giant frog splats on the road and you have a recipe for disaster. Well, anyway someone got fatally injured, and i decided to sell that bike as well.
    Fast forward about 20years.....I take notice of the R1200RT, and immediately fall back in love with BMW. So last month during BMW's special financing offer i decided now is the time, so i made my way down to GrassRoots BMW in Cape Girardeau, MO and spoke with the owner Herb, told him exactly what i was looking for, and we put a shiny new 09 R1200RT on order (Titan Silver).
    I've got nearly 1K miles on her now, and am very happy with my new ride.
    I'm 50 now, and plan to keep this one till i hand it over to my son when i can no longer throw a leg over the saddle.
    Upon (re)joining the BMWMOA i pre-registered for the big Rally in Johnson City, Tenn. It'll be a good long haul on the bike to get there, not looking forward to Nashville traffic, but a younger Brother is making the trip with me on his HD Ultra Classic, and is offering me a place to stay over while at the Rally since he lives near Knoxville. I of course invited him to attend the Rally with me and he plans to attend on Saturday. So i'm pretty excited about the Rally, and looking forward to meeting fellow enthusiasts, checking out the Antique M/C's, maybe taking a MSF class, checking out the vendors, and just generally having a great time.
    Thanks for reading this lengthy (re)intro....Ride safely, and Go Well !

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    Welcome back.

    I am glad you"are back"! Great post!

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    Nice intro!

    Welcome back.
    2008 BMW R1200GS
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyclepath View Post
    Nice intro!

    Welcome back.
    ditto! welcome

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    Welcome home! Lots of good stuff and good people still here. take a poke around and if you have any thoughts, questions, or suggestions, let us know.

    Maybe we'll have a forum roundup in the beer tent in Tennessee.
    Steve Marquardt

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    It seems the forum struck gold, welcome!

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    Man, do i feel welcome...Thanks so much to all.
    Just remembered where that BMW Rally took place, it was at Yosemite Nat'l Park. If you ever get a chance to go....Just do it !!


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    I Love a story with a happy ending!

    Welcome back to the BMW MOA Family!

    Don't forget to carry your Anonymous Book, the Best Tool in your Toolkit!

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    Welcome back Bill.

    Loved the story of your motorcycle history. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us.

    Also glad to have a "younger" member (at least younger than the average )

    Hope to meet you at the Rally.

    How about a post with a pic of your bike or of some of the great scenery in S. MO? Alley Springs perhaps?

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    Not only do we have all the things you mentioned in common, but we also each bought Silver bikes
    So many roads - so little time.
    2013 R1200GSW

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    Talking Rally

    I went to HS in Red Bud on the Ill side of the river.
    Live in Texas now but visit a lot. See you at the rally.
    Rt is and always will a great bike.

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    Alley Springs

    Gonna have to add Alley Springs to the "just do it" list.

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