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Thread: Stuck gas cap

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    Unhappy Stuck gas cap

    I was wondering if anyone have ever heard of a gas cap getting stuck on an airhead? I have a 1984 R100 RS, which due to me being unable to ride it for about a year the gas went bad. When I went to drain the fuel I found that I could still unlock the gas cap but when I tried to turn it to remove it I found that it would not come off easily. I applied a little more force and then I heard the dreaded sound of the pins snapping. So know when I turn it, it just goes "pop pop pop". Does anyone know how one goes about getting this thing off now. Also does anyone make a plain gas cap with no lock on? Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
    Peter Wilcox

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    I don't want to beat you up on your first post but a quick search found this:


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