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Thread: Newbee in Missouri.

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    Newbee in Missouri.

    Hi guys!

    I just thought I'd drop in and introduce myself. I just joined after buying a '09 R1200RT at Grass Roots BMW in Cape Girardeau MO. It's my first BMW. I rode dirt bikes (mostly RM's) for about 15 years, then a Honda which went by the wayside when my son was born. When he graduated high school, I bought a V-Star which I just traded for the RT. I was actually looking for an RT at that time, but I found a steal and decided to try it out to see if I would get back into riding enough to justify the expense. Now here I am. the happiest man on the planet today with my RT in the parking lot!

    I'm an air traffic controller here, but I'm a native of the Milwaukee area. I just have never been the Harley type and have purposely avoided them (no offense). I've been reading on these forums for months and will try not to ask questions before hitting the search button. If I make any stupid mistakes posting, I can live with some polite correction. I've got a lot to learn about farkling, so I'll be around a lot.

    I'm hoping to do some quick jaunts this summer of 3-4 days and a little adventure. I've got gobs of vacation time and will be trying to get my feet wet as far as touring/camping.

    I look forward to riding and meeting with you guys.

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    Larry, welcome aboard! You will find a great and varied group of people here. From info on farkles to places to ride to the best place to eat, their are lots of answers and opinions (boy do we have opinions )here. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask

    The National Rally is in Tennessee this year and some great riding and events. Hopefully you can fit it into your vacation time and meet some of your fellow MOA members. Also the Regional forums can help connect you with some local folks.

    Steve Marquardt

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    Welcome, Larry. I think the RT is the finest road bike I have ever ridden, and I wish you many happy miles. I also had a V-Star 1100, then a HD Road King prior to coming to BMW. There is much information about your bike, and almost everything else on the forum. In the Hexhead section there are tech tips which include photos and detailed instructions of key maintenance issues, if you are so inclined. Drop us a PM if we can help you in any way.

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    Welcome Larry,

    BTW Love your pic.

    Herb and Reno are great people, but you already know that since you bought your bike from them.

    Lot's of good roads in Missouri just west of you. Hope you ride some, take a few pics and post it as a ride report.

    Looking forward to more of your posts.


    Ride Well

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    Welcome, my wifes family is from Jackson, right next to the Cape. She always brings me some new t-shirts from Grass Roots BMW every time she goes out there to visit. Cliff W. in western Pa.

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    Congratulations on your new bike. You will like it.

    And by the way, your dealership, Grassroots, is excellent and you simply won't find nicer people to deal with than Herb and Reno.

    And that old skalywag, John Simmons, whenever he drops by the shop.
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    Welcome aboard! If it makes you feel any better, I have to ride for hours to get to your area (where the roads are good). It's pretty flat and boring here in Central Illinois. Enjoy your new ride!
    Don Braasch # 9049
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    Have you seen Herb's stealth K1200s? He dropped 4 grand on a set of carbon fibre wheels,and like he says,"If there's a faster bike in Cape",he's not heard of it..
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    Welcome Aboard RTFlyer.

    Just about everything you want to know about BMW Motorcycles can be found here. When you are looking for a topic or need a question answered the site's search engine is invaluable. There are two search buttons. I have the best luck with the one located:

    New Posts . . . . . Search . . . . . Quick Links


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    Welcome Aboard, fellow (former) Wisconsinite!

    Lived my whole life one hour north of Milwaukee, so we we're practically neighbors.

    You're situated in a nice area of the country (just head SW from your driveway) for some pleasant riding scenery and roads - go out and enjoy them.

    I've had my R1200RT for over 3 years, and by far, the best bike I've ever owned or ridden. I'm sure you'll grow to appreciate all it can do for you.

    If you're new to the BMW marque, one of the best ways to appreciate what the MOA is all about is to immerse yourself in a National Rally experience.

    Join us in TN this July, and I'm sure it will be the highlight of your summer.

    Ride Safe!
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    Bud and Paul are right. Grassroots is a great dealership and Herb and Reno are good people.

    If your schedule allows, you should join us for the Wednesday night dinner rides. It's always a time for good riding, good food, and good friends.

    I'll be seeing you around.


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    Thanks guys.

    I ride the roads just west of here all the time. It's only about a 20 minute ride to some twisties. I was treated well at Grass Roots, which I see now is par for the course. I know they do Wednesday dinner rides here, but that is the one night I work until 7:00 pretty much every week, all year. I'm up for some rides any other time. While waiting for them to set up my bike, I ran into an old family friend who apparently loiters there and rides a GS now. I hadn't seen him in years, but I'm certain we'll manage to ride a few times.

    I'm glad to see that there is a community of enthusiatic, yet responsible riders here. I had the misfortune of riding through two bikes (one tumbling, one spinning) and three riders last spring after a rear tire blew out on the lead bike (riding two up). We were changing lanes at about 70 MPH and he did a quick shudder, then went down hard right on the centerline. He was then hit by number two who came off his bike, and I was number three. Everyone was pretty well geared up, so it it wasn't as bad as it could have been, but I am a huge proponent of proper gear now. I missed both bikes and the riders by the skin of my teeth as I grabbed for the brakes and swerved through them. A Harley Road King missed my head by about six inches as I ducked it to the right, and it was five feet in the air. Oh yeah, did I mention that we were passing an 18 wheeler (four lane highway) and I was just past his front bumper to his left at the time? I had nowhere to go but straight through the mayhem, and he went right, thank God. One of the riders actually walked away after it! Even accounting for deceleration, he had to be going 60 when he came off. That's what good gear will do for you.

    I'm probably still on my honeymoon with the bike, but I am amazed each time I ride. There are many people with more riding experience on other bikes, but I have never ridden anything like it. It's been hard to go to work and look down on it in the parking lot, that's for sure.

    I'm reading , reading, reading now. Like I said, I have lots of questions, but I'm trying to soak it all in before I start asking.
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    Falling Leaf Rally

    Welcome and be sure not to miss the Falling Leaf Ralling in Potosi, MO on Oct. 9 - 11th. It's a good one.


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    I'm a Grass Roots rider as well. I am certain I would be riding another brand of bike if it were not for them.

    I live over 200 miles away and still do all of my business through them. There are 3 other BMW dealers closer, but they are worth the extra time to get there.

    I lived in Cape Garagedoor from 96 -01 & miss it dearly.

    Great little town and not too far away from some truly awesome roads.

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    RTFlyer.....seems we have a couple things in common; both bought 09RT12's from Herb and both from Cape Area, check my profile. Email me if you want.
    Planning to make the Marble Falls, Ark rally on July 4th, as well as the big one in Tenn.


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