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The "2000" means it was met or exceeded Snells year 2000 standards, which is pretty current . I have a new Shoei RF1000, and ran out to check IT, but the year wasn't on the sticker. I don't know if EACH and EVERY year is updated ( I'm sure someone out there knows). I was checking them out on ebay, and there are many NEW( maybe UNUSED is a better word) the dated back to 1985.
The Snell rating is not updated every year. I am not sure when the last one was, but they recently announced a revision due out soon.

For my money the Snell rating is not worth passing on a helmet that i like and fits well. The DOT rating is pretty substantial.

Also, flip-face helmets are never Snell rated, but Snell testing criteria has been met by nearly all flip-face helmets.