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Thread: Iron Butt in MI

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    147873, Hartland High School grad here,now living in Mn. Doing the Lake Superior Circle Tour over that weekend and we will be doing the Sault Ste Marie to Copper Harbor leg on Sunday the 21st.

    '02 R1150RT

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    Quote Originally Posted by RBEST149084 View Post

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    I think the weekend of June 20th looks good.............let me know what yall think

    516 miles one way. Plan on a early depart. Hit the bridge at sunrise. I have 3 confirmed so far.
    When we head to Copper Harbor we get off of 2 at 117 and head north through Engedine to 28. Lot less traffic, especially trucks. What you lose in lake scenery on 2 you gain in lake scenery in Muinising.... Much nicer ride in my opinion, with the exception of the "Seney Stretch"

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    1,000 mile options

    Just a couple thoughts.

    1. Lansing to Sault Ste. Marie to Sudbury around to Sarnia to Lansing is 1,013 miles. Nothing like a couple International border crossings to make things interesting.

    2. A bunch of strange (Team Strange) riders will be getting together in Minnesota at that time of June to do what your talking about with a little twist.

    Bonus locations (50 to 70 with various point values) are handed out for typically a five state area plus Canada. You pick your route. Some ride a lot and some don't. Everyone disappears at 8:00 AM on Saturday and reappear by 7:59 Sunday with the evidence of their finds (photos - dates from historical markers etc). Points are also given for a three hour rest bonus. It is actually a big overnight scavenger hunt where you meet other like minded people in strange out of the way places throughout the day and night. You share a smile and a laugh and your off separate ways to more bonuses. If you ride a very efficient route and collect more points than others you may get a piece of wood to show others. If you don't you just end up with one of the most memorable times of life where you met a bunch of people that had one common underlying interest - to go riding. The last Iron Butt Rally was won by a rider from this group. This event is so much fun.

    Ride safe.

    Wayne Koppa
    Grayling, MI

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    Did you guys go this weekend or is it planned for the 06-27-09 week end?

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