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    This is indeed needed. My daughter lives near the Norfolk Naval Base and the youngtheir beyond military folks really ride far beyond their ability. They love to ride crotch rockets at high speed with no protection other than what the law requires. They are risk takers (which is part of the reason they enlisted). It is also the first taste of freedom from many and they can buy a bike without Mommy and Daddy's permission. Training is needed.
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    Just finished by ERC sponsored by the Navy. Even as a retiree, if you want to ride on base the ERC is required.

    And now there is a new course for sport bikes which is also mandatory if you have one of the sport bike genre.

    The courses are all free of charge.

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    I have one son ( an officer in the Marines) that has served as a "bike safety" guy in some respect. I have heard his comments as to the # of Marines that have been lost to accidents and they have been proactive in stopping this loss with lots of safety programs.

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    I qualified as an MSF instructor alongside a couple of military guys who were on the course,so they could go back and run courses on their respective bases. One Air Force the other was Infantry, so flyers and walkers becoming riders...

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    I know that at least for the Air Force you must have attended the MSF course in order to ride your motorcycle on base.

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    I support the MSF for new and returning riders, but recently had a bad experience regarding the requirement of having to attend a MSF course.

    Recently a friend and I went to visit a museum on an Army post. We were denied entry because my friend had not attended a MSF course, so we couldn't enter the base.

    He had his motorcycle endorcement, been riding for 35+ years and was a 15+ year motor officer, who literally had weeks of specialized motorcycle and riding training. His training "Wasn't Good Enough", he had to have attended the basic riders course.

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    Military In Line of Duty Investigation

    Another point for military personnel is the "In Line Of Duty" determination for accidents. If one has an accident and was not wearing the required amount of Safety equipment (usually, helmet, shirt with long sleeves, boots and a reflective devise) and the report on the accident is determined to be not in line of duty, you could end up paying for the medical care plus face other penalties.

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