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Thread: Firstgear Laguna GPS Tank Bag

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    Firstgear Laguna GPS Tank Bag

    Has anyone tried this bag? It looks interesting in that you can put a gps unit in a pocket would be waterproof and visible, yet hide it when not in use. I wonder if you can use the touchscreen through the "window" on the bag? I ride a 2004 R1150RT.

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    I tried putting my GPS in the map pocket, the touch screen worked ok through the plastic, but the unit was too close to me to see comfortably while riding. I'm on a K1200S, so am bent forward, which may have been the problem. Don't have this bag, got First Gear Silver Stone, (which is a very nice set of soft luggage). I've since bought a Ram mount and keep zip top bags in the tank bag for rain protection. A short piece of string ties the bottom of the baggie in place and can be easily untied to remove. I started out using a zip tie, which had to be cut, and got close to the power cord with the knife one time, so switched to string..........

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    Aqua Box makes a dedicated waterproof button accesible item that you can put your GPS in.

    I don't have one but have heard good reviews

    Here is the link
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