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Thread: K1200LT cruise control not holding????

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    K1200LT cruise control not holding????

    any idea what to look for? I set my cruise control and it will hold until there is a need for more acceleration or deceleration. it will release if under any load. any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance

    Rick Miller

    Sorry for starting out with a question but isn't that what new ownership is all about? questions! lots of them. Questions before we purchase, questioning the wife if it's ok to purchase, questioning if we made the right decision, questioning the person selling and the previous owner about the history of the bike. asking for that first test ride. Then...... It's all over but must have's. must have this bike, I won't even start about the Farkle's. I bought my new to me 2001 K1200LTC. It's Black (I'm told the fastest) 68500 miles on it. 1500 of those miles by me in the last three weeks! I've already sorted out many things about this bike. I did a 12000 mile service including new breather hose and new rear brake hose. I learned that I can take all the tupperware off and put it back on without any extra screws! I don't have to tell you about how nice this bike rides. one word does it for me Smooth! Even smoother after my completed service. The only issues I have left is the cruise control problem and How to get comfortable on the stock seat. Low position is too low for me and high position tilts me forward creating back pain. any suggestions on the seating? I can't spend any big money right now after just purchasing (see above, ask the wife) would a sheepskin or something else help?

    Thank you

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    Cruise Control: It is supposed to disconnect when you over ride it by shutting the throttle. It should not quit when you accelerate and release the throttle. Some have reported problems caused by old/tight cables when using the cruise controls to adjust speed. Given the age and mileage of your bike it may be time for new cables. Does the cruise control quit under other circumstances?

    Seat: It's not the best in the world but you deal with it or replace it with a custom seat. I get along okay with the stock seat in the high position with the addition of a sheepskin pad. I have also used a beadrider but the sheepskin is more comfortable for me.

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