I have a 2003 R1150R and the battery tray is rusted and corroded by battery acid. I cleaned it all up but I thought I would remove the tray and paint it (or coat it) to stop the rust. The description for removal in the Clymer manual is simple enough but not correct for my bike. The battery tray in my bike seems to have a cable holder spot welded to the bottom. When the tray is unbolted it is still attached by all the cables running under the tray and through this holder. The Max BMW parts diagram shows a different tray without this cable holder on the bottom.

Has anyone tried to remove the battery tray on this (or similar) models with this cable holder? What is the procedure? I don't want to start removing all the cables and pulling them through if it is not necessary. It looks like the throttle control cables and something from the right side of the handle bars runs through the bottom of this battery tray. Any help would be appreciated.