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Thread: Slimey Crud Cafe Race Run video and story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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    I bought the bike he spent all the time trying to get back. He had to get an identicle one to trade to get HIS back. Following me? Yes, Peter goes through bikes like...insert whatever here.
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    Did you know Peter before buying that Harley, or did he just advertise it for sale? Seems like the kind of bike that would sell just by word of mouth.
    What kind of Ducati was he riding, I think he has several, just by reading his column.
    I did meet him one other time in Evansville, at a restaurant.
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    I have know Peter from the weekly Slimey Crud meetings for about the last 2 years. A lot of the bikes in the group stay in the group and swap back and forth. 3 of my 4 are from other cruds.

    That Ducati is.....I actually don't know the year. 90'? maybe? Has the cam bevel gear window so you can see it spin up and anxiously wait for oil to get there to lube the gears. Scary how long it actually takes. He has just 3 bikes right now. He'll have more....
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