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Thread: Kancamagus report

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    Kancamagus report

    This past Thursday a buddy and I made the trip over to Conway to visit Whitehorse Gear before the summer crush. We took 302 thru Vermont, crossed the river, then did Lost River Road from Wells River to Lincoln. It was some of the roughest, most winter-damaged pavement I've ever ridden on! Sand, gravel, and even entire chunks of pavement missing. My GS handled it well, but my friend on his RT was feeling it!

    We entered Lincoln and the road smoothed out. It's actually a nice town in the off season. Then onto the Kanc, where the pavement was so absolutely perfect it seemed like NH had hired an army of janitors to sweep the entire stretch!

    It was awesome scooting along thru the curves with an evenly matched partner, catching glimpses of snow-covered peaks in my peripheral vision. No cars. No worries about cross traffic. Not a single crack in the pavement!

    It's funny how when I lived in California and could ride every day of the year I never experienced anything like the passion of an early Spring ride back here in the frozen Northeast!

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    Thanks for the report on one of my all time favorite roads!

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    One of the most scenic roads in the East.

    Its only drawback is heavy tourist usage. During the warm, sunny months getting behind a mobile home can be a trying experience.

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    What a great road with lots of places to stop and take a dip.
    Also a fond memory of almost taking out a Harley on the hairpin.
    It would have been me going over the line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAULBACH View Post
    One of the most scenic roads in the East.

    Its only drawback is heavy tourist usage. During the warm, sunny months getting behind a mobile home can be a trying experience.

    I rode it last Friday, and I must be living right, because I had the entire length to myself. There wasn't a single westbound car or bike until just outside Lincoln, and I didn't see more than 20 eastbounders. It doesn't get any better than having a premier mountain road to ride at *my* pace.

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    Locals avoid the section by Swiftwater during the springtime. It is always like that this time of the year. I live less than 15 minutes from that stretch of road- pretty nasty, huh?

    You can bypass that bad stretch. Look up Bradley Hill Road, Benton, NH on Yahoo Maps. You will find it a little past the Swiftwater convenience store- just past the hard left by the barn- It will be on your right before 112 goes back down to the river. Take that to the end and merge onto Rt 116 North. That'll take you back up to Rt 112.

    It is better but remember that you are on back roads of NH- not too many are very good.


    Hey, nhbmw- I was on the Kanc' Friday also- but eastbound and early
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    That was my first run for the new RT this year on May 1st. The Kank is a great ride for those of you who come this way. I got a solid "no car" run from East to West and I was surprised how well the road had held up over the winter. As to the Lost River Road, it's always like that in the spring and given the state's lack of funds, I think it's likely to stay that way this year.

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