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Thread: top case decisions for R1100R

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    top case decisions for R1100R

    I am looking for a way NOT to ride with system cases because they leak, are of poor quality, and fall off.
    For day rides, I have decided that for this year I want to try a top case to hold:
    -tool kit
    -elec air pump
    -first aid kit
    -rain gear
    All in all, not that much stuff.

    What top case do you suggest?
    Is it possible to get a top case where one can adjust the fore and aft position so on the longer riders it could be used as a back rest?

    What works for you? What cases have disappointed you?
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    I bought a GIVI for my 08RT. It has enough room, and I painted it to match the bike. As far as the latching system, you must use the key to open it, but it latches very firm. No adjustment forward or aft though. I would have preferred a BMW, but it was a bit pricey for the amount of use it would see on my bike. The GIVI needs an adapter plate for the rear rack that can be functional when not holding the case. Dollar for dollar, it was a good buy.

    Got it from these folks, they have excellent service.
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