Hi J??rgen,
...Yeah, I bought a wedge. And the fairing indeed doesn't really lend itself to mounting anything on it... The RT with Hawk pegs wasn't the most comfortable either, but I was thinking that invariably police bikes have crash bars and that if the wedgies were also made in a police model (they'd be terrific for running down speeders even on the Autobahn) something like that might be available. But, it appears the RTs are the bike of choice there that BMW sells at a great rate of knots.

Love the bike, but the only two things I can complain about are the seat and the inability to straighten my legs,and the old knees let me know about that after an hour in the saddle... I've got a Sargent ordered at European. So the butt should be fine. I'll live with the knees, I guess. ...Ah well.