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Thread: where to buy helmet

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    Well, I'll respond to this since it seems I pointed the discussion this direction. I'll do it line by line, if you don't mind.

    Quote Originally Posted by bigsur52 View Post
    Since posting this simple question a few weeks ago, I am quite taken aback by the number of angry replies it generated.
    I've read and re-read my response and can't find a whiff of anger.

    Quote Originally Posted by bigsur52 View Post
    Well, I guess some of those folks either have too much disposable income, or not enough common sense to realize that internet commerce is a very very good thing for the consumer.
    Two things here:
    • Since when did anybody's income level become part of this discussion?
    • I don't see where I knocked internet commerce. I've bought lots of things on-line. Books, DVDs, etc... A few weeks ago I bought a briefcase online (WAY cool - in San Antonio - check it out). Heck, I've even bought two motorcycles online (a '94 Honda CB1000 from, and an '03 R1150R from the San Antonio Express-News online classifieds). But I didn't go to a dealer and test ride them first, only to buy elsewhere. That would be dishonest.

    Quote Originally Posted by bigsur52 View Post
    Considering how much money I have spent over the years at BMW dealers purchasing motorcycles, having them serviced, and having them upgraded, and buying things like helmets, rainsuites, and riding gear, why are some of you begrudgeing me (and others) from also buying needed accessories elsewhere at an affordable price, and with a decent selection.
    Yes, my local dealers have a great selection of helmets, if you don't mind paying $600-$800 dollars for an overpriced Arai helmet, or a Nolan 103 with intercom and bluetooth and all that other crap, or $450 -$600 for top of the line Shoei, when what I really wanted was a Shoei TZ-R.
    Nobody said you had to buy from a dealer. My points were 1) its helpful to support him when you can, and 2) its fundamentally dishonest to use your dealer's or any retail outlet's inventory, staff, and time to determine what you like only to turn around and buy elsewhere. Its disingenuous.

    Interestingly, the other day I was in MotoLiberty, a fabulous motorcycle retail store here in Dallas (check them out at their online store). There was some high school aged kid in the store with his parents and they were looking at all sorts of stuff. The sales staff were spending a lot of time with them. As the kid was trying on boots I overheard his mom tell him to remember the right size so they could look for it online. Gee Mom, great lesson in dishonesty and self-centeredness.

    Quote Originally Posted by bigsur52 View Post
    And why don't BMW dealers sell high quality aftermarket motorcycle covers like the Guardian Weatherall Plus, instead of that stupid BMW cover with the clear plastic window for viewing the license plate? and p.s.- the BMW brand cover didn't even fit that well.
    I said that "I go online when my dealer doesn't carry what I'm buying." I bought my first pair of Held gloves from because I couldn't find them locally (that's not true anymore). I'll probably buy my next pair of boots online because nobody local carries Frey Daytona, so I'll get them from But if I buy a pair of TCX, Sidi, or BMW boots I'll go local.

    Quote Originally Posted by bigsur52 View Post
    And as for clothing, well. all i can say is if I really wanted to spend $800 or more for a jacket and $400 for pants, I'd go to Nordstroms and buy a Hickey Freedman suit!
    Kind of off topic, but okay.... I love Hickey Freeman. I have a stunning dark blue pinstripe Hickey Freeman suit that I found on sale at a fine men's store in South Bend, Indiana. That was 17 years and 50 pounds ago. I hope to continue wearing it after I've dropped some more weight. Usually I'm a Men's Warehouse or Brooks Brothers Outlet-Mall (we have one locally) kind of guy, but it was a great sale! I have a buddy whose Mom is an exec of sorts for Nieman Marcus, and she gets him Hickey Freeman and Armani suits at great prices! I'm jealous...

    Back to the topic at hand!

    Quote Originally Posted by bigsur52 View Post
    I'm old school when it comes to riding apparrel. I like thick leather jackets, deerskin riding gloves, maybe a pair of leather chaps, real leather boots. The small selection of leather riding apparrel available at most motorcycle dealers (except Harley, of course...but then who wants to wear a low quality jacket that also says Harley Davidson all over it!!) almost requires that one use internet sites to find these products (Vansen, Fox Creek Leather, etc).
    Online is a great resource if your dealer doesn't carry what you want. I do like the Fox Creek site, and I almost bought their basic vented racing jacket (with snap sides - don't care for the laces). But I wound up buying a leather jacket from the Fort Worth BMW dealership. It was on a great sale ($300 off from $500, if memory serves) because it was a discontinued item. Quality is top-notch and its got great styling, too. I don't wear it a lot because, for me, textiles are more versatile.

    Kind of off topic again, but okay... While I'm not a Harley guy, and I don't own Harley gear, I've found a lot of their leather gear to be pretty high quality and long lasting stuff. I have a friend who has really abused a pair of leather Harley boots, which can be resoled. Expensive, to be sure, but it seems to last.

    But I can find Vanson at a lot of retail places. Here in Dallas I can find Vanson at the north Dallas BMW dealership and at MotoLiberty.

    Quote Originally Posted by bigsur52 View Post
    So to those of you who think they must always buy everything from their local dealers, well, all I can say is goodby and good luck.
    Two things:
    • Again, nobody said you must buy from a local dealer. We've gone over this.
    • Okay. Goodbye. But please, don't go away mad...
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    Yep, what Grant said.

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    I buy books over the internet, cause one size fits all.
    But we won't go into that, because what this thread is( strike that) was about helmets.
    Not about who's a loyalist to the internet and the purchasing power of the net.
    It's about helmets.
    I spent a good two weeks researching ON THE WEB helmets, both here, and every review I could find.
    More often than not, for every good review of a helmet, a guy could find three who hated the exact same helmet, and not afraid to say so. not much help.
    From there, I located the local dealers that sold the helmet ON THE NET
    and visited the one that offered the selection, met the distance I wanted to go, and tried on a zillion helmets, cause I have a weird head.

    My point is twofold:

    I use both the dealer and the net to find the best deal for me.
    Some things like books or parts or many things are just fine internet fodder, but discussing buying a helmet sight unseen?
    Respectfully if I did that, you could accuse me of being out of my head!

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    Where buy helmets

    I would certainly like to help my "local" dealer, and recomend that to others. BUT my closest dealer is 120 miles away, does not work on airheads or anything over 10 years old and does not carry any brand of helmet I am interested in buying, I tried. I have been told that the dealer sold out to the Harley dealer and if he did maybe things will be better, perhaps good?
    As for mail order helmets try Competition Accessories in Springfield. Have purchase tires, helmets and years ago BMW parts. Quick, fair service from a store that has large stock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCQTT View Post
    I agree 100%
    Exactly right, ditto...
    Jeff Anderson
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    Like others, I attempt to buy my gear locally. This maybe small stuff but when I try on helmets I bring a head sock/balaclava. It's a courtesy to the next person who will wear the helmet.

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    Well, I think the point of this thread was to provide information on reliable "online" vendors for helmets since everyone is in different parts of the country and no one on here is interested in going to "your dealer".

    Speaking of dealers... if you bought a helmet from one, I hope you enjoy the fact that it was most likely tried on for 15 - 20 minutes by hundreds of people before you bought it! Those people got smart and ordered "online" and got new helmets!

    Once again... +1 for the Helmet Shop in Daytona Beach...

    My dealer was flat out honest and told me he couldn't match ANY internet price! I spend enough on service and if you think that the dealer is going to cut you big breaks on service prices because you overspent $100 on a helmet from the dealer than you are freakin' crazy!

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    God, how I hate people. It is embarrassing to be a member of the MOA.

    The sad part it is I like the motorcycles themselves and I have a really great dealer. It would be so easy to walk away just based on the general attitude of your average beemer geek.

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