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    Evoline (?)

    Is anyone wearing the new Shark Evoline helmet? (Are your friends)? Love it? Hate it? I will be purchasing a new flip up helmet in the next couple of weeks and it is more or less down to the N103 and the Evoline. Any advice would be appreciated.



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    After looking at most of the modular helmet options, I picked up a Shark EvoLine three weeks ago. So far I really like it. Bought it at a local shop for about $360.

    Fits similar to the Shoei (which I preferred, but they don't have the integral sun visor), but one size smaller. FWIW, the Shark and Shoei offered me similar fit, while the Nolan and HJC just didn't fit my head quite right. Only negatives are that it seems a bit heavy (of course it is a modular) and seems wider than my helmets. The flip back open face feature is cool, but I don't know that I'd ride with it in that configuration.

    Hope that's useful.

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    That thing is a truly drool-worthy helmet. If you haven't all ready seen this, you should check it out:

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    I just bought a silver size medium. It's a great helmet but i'm in between sizes and can't get a good fit. If you think it will fit you i'd sell it for $340 shipped. The helmet is brand new just tried on and then put back in the box. I where a size med scorpion helmet so i think the evoline must run a little big.

    Ashland, Mass.

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