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Thread: securing your bike while traveling and staying at hotel/motels

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    Question securing your bike while traveling and staying at hotel/motels

    I'm taking a ride to Laughlin Nv. this week . I'm a bit worried about safety of my 1150rt , its a overniter. I have a Xena lock. What is anyones good recommendation.

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    Ask to park outside hotel/motels front entrance. Most places are good about this. The bonus is that if there is a pull through, it's well lit your bike will be under cover . Other than a big chain around your ankle to the bike.... Have never done anything other than park it and go to sleep. Go, have fun and don't worry about it, that's my best advice.

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    Park next to a bike without a lock. You are unlucky if you encounter a professional gang of bike thieves, who usually stake out an area for a while and steal to order. So you have to deter the opportunist.
    Make you bike less attractive. Out of sight, a cover, or away from view of the street. Conversely, in front of any manned areas and well lit, have a chat to the security guard, so they know what you look like and give a damn if someone else starts to pay unwarranted attention to your bike. Chain it to something sturdy.

    Don't become freaked out by the fear of theft, it probably won't happen.

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    A greater worry than theft is having some drunk or inattentive car or truck driver bump it in the parking lot and driving off.
    "What was that you knocked over Henry?"
    "Uhhh, I dunno, just somebody's scooter or bicycle I reckon. No big deal. Let's go."

    I consider that possibility in any parking lot, but left overnight in a motel lot, the chances are significantly greater depending where and how you park it, especially if you are the only bike around.

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    Also Gorilla bike alarm with pager.
    Mike Marr
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    after numerous motels (some 'no tells') and many miles of travel throughout the U.S., we have yet to find any indicator of intended theft of even general mischief. Don't obsess over it because it will ruin the joy of travel. However, we do use a cable connecting the front wheel to a post (or around the wheel if no post) which mostly discourages the general thug-thief and, having a Uni-go trailer, we leave the trailer attached. Massive lock that only a welder can disconnect and an eleven foot unit that could only be moved by folks you wouldn't want to mess with anyway. Seriously, park safe... keep it covered..... get a motel room on the ground floor with bike just outside the window (you'd be suprised how many motel's will accommodate for you). Also, rural based motel seem to feel the most secure and they tend to be friendly, accommodating and safe. Really.... enjoy your trip.

    On second thought, run a long piece of fishing line from the bike to a bell inside the room and if ........ (just kidding) - Bob
    Bob Weber
    Larry's River, Nova Scotia, CANADA

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    Get a ground floor room, pull the panniers off, and pull it into your room.
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    I always bring a cover, always park under the canopy if they'll let me (they always have) or park the bike outside of the room. Never had an issue.
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    -Tom (KA1TOX)

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    who would want to steal a BMW? What would they do with it? Part it out at Sturgis?

    of course, I'm thinking of old airheads. maybe some of the newer models would be mistaken for Japanese racer clones.
    We might as well walk. ~ Adam Guettel The Light In The Piazza
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    Think Small

    My wife and I have stayed in dozens of hotels and motels. She has a R1150R and I ride an old K75. By the time we get to the motel, they are dirty enough that they are of no interest to thieves. We do tend to stay in small towns rather than cities. We carry a cable lock but seldom deloy it.

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    There's your answer...park next to Statdawg's bike, but lock yours with a chain to something other than his bike.
    Given the choice, they'll nick his!!!

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    Have to agree with 26667 (funny name..)

    Who wants to steal a BMW? Park it next to any Harley's in the lot.. or even Japanese bikes. They're much more likely targets.

    I also find the use of a KwiKover to hide the bike a bit seems helpful. Seems to keep prying fingers away, and parents who think a picture of their kid sitting on your bike would be cute.

    Plus as almost everyone has mentioned - parking under the canopy at lots of motels is not only accepted, in some cases, it's been suggested to me by the receptionist.
    Don Eilenberger
    Spring Lk Heights NJ NJ Shore BMW Riders
    '12 R1200R - I love this bike!

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    Clement's big toe.

    Quote Originally Posted by GENELS View Post
    I'm taking a ride to Laughlin Nv. this week . I'm a bit worried about safety of my 1150rt , its a overniter. I have a Xena lock. What is anyones good recommendation.
    Clement Salvadori of "Rider" magazine fame claims to run a length of string from a big toe to his bike while he is abed.. Should anyone move it he'll be awakened! Perhaps we should take this with a grain of salt?

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    Another vote for bike cover.
    Kent Christensen
    '12 R1200RT, '02 R1100S

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    Beware of the wildlife.......

    I put my bike cover over my G.S. (out of sight, out of mind) and lock the steering.
    The bike cover saved my bike more than once from pine sap while camping and the only attack on my bike was from a Canadian Raccoon with an attitude that took a leak on my wheels and stole my doritos while I slept.....must have been the Montana plates?

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