hello everyone, bmw and me are getting along just fine, i really believe the choice i made was the right one, i love to ride its in my blood since at the age od 12 when my brother (who was in vietman,remember that ugly war) sent home the money for me to buy a bike, it was a 1972 kawasaki 175 enduro, rode it for 4 years day and night, it was at that time my best friend, i raced it,went mountain climbing, ice raced, rode it in the lake 1-2 feet deep areas,rode it in the winter time 24/7 365. later in life bought and sold old goldwings after i overhauled and painted them, at that time could not keep them due to kids and all.. but now kids all graduating from college,almost,now its time for that other best friend i found and me to enjoy what beauty lays ahead of us on the open road, its been a time of my life, cruised all around washington,idaho,montana,oregon,canada,with more to inhale,the next planned ride for me and me copilot is going around the washington state bourders cruising first along our beautaful columbia river then around mt hood, up to mt sthelan, up the coast to the penninsula, sanJuan island,ferry ride, (hwy of the sun) back to spokane,this year 2004 with the now present k1200lt has made a big change in my life. looking forward to as many more years as God will give me..matthew