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Thread: Repaint; new and different, or original color?

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    Repaint; new and different, or original color?

    I have a '78 gold R100RS with original paint. I am considering painting it and am unsure if I want to repaint it in the original color or a different color. I like the present color but it would be somewhat like having a "new" bike if I go with a different color. I have no colors in mind. Just something different than factory. What say you? Keep it original or a different color?

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    I just noticed the thread here regarding the /90 asking for paint color suggestions. I am more interested in the idea of keeping it the original color, or not. If you have color suggestions however, I'd be interested to hear them.

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    Airheads get painted different colors by different owners all the time. as to your personal bike, I doubt that anyone will care but you.

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    Talking I care!

    ...not really, but FWIW, that Havana gold color seems to me to be pretty rare. But ya gotta love lookin' at your bike in the winter in the garage.
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    Hi James. As other poster said: yes, the gold color was only imported for one year in 78 and it is rare- even rarer to find one in good condition. I am a "gold" freak and would not personally change the color. But, as another poster said, who is to care but you?

    Why are you painting it? faded? The gold paint did fade with time if left in the sun (similar problem to smoke red). A few years ago I did some research on matching the gold paint. The OEM color is no longer available. It was said that BMW discontinued the color because it could no longer get the pigment. My research then also showed that Holt BMW had managed to get a color close enough and would paint a complete set of body work "expensively", but at a top notch level. Since then I have noticed that some cars in the "70s seemed to have a similar gold color and the PT cruiser also had a color similar or the same?. So, since then it may have become easier to get a good match.

    Having said all that, if you want a different color, FWIW, my other personal favorite is the blue and silver combo that came in the '79 and 92/93 models.

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    Gold- one more thought

    I just remebered in case you decide to change the color that the 1980 model also came in a "champagne metalic" color that was also used in the R65. It is also rare and I have only seen one bike like that , but I thought the color was quite nice. Must be easy to find since it was uased in BMW cars in the eearly 80s.
    What can I say... the more common colors do not do much for me....

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    Thanks everybody!

    Thanks for all the responses! I will most likely keep the gold as I now know I can get close with the Plymouth color. Yes," Airhead '78" the color is faded. Otherwise it is a real nice bike and I want to "freshen" it a bit. I love the color, just considering alternatives. Glad I did not sell 'ol 78.

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    Gold choice

    Hey, James nice to hear you are keeping it "gold". Never got fat enought to find out what the Plymouth paint code is. Pass it along if you have a chance.

    Mine is not too bad (yet). One thing I discovered is that I should not wax it. Holy molly, never seen wax leave so much "paint" in the rag.

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    If you paint it with a basecoat/clearcoat system, you will not have a facing problem again. Also, you will be able to paint the entire bike with about half a pint of paint. You just need enough paint to color the parts and the clearcoat provides the wearing surface. My brother painted my fairing and two bag lids with two tenths of a pint and had paint left over.

    Repainting the same color is a wise decision. If you painted it another color, you would have a gold spot showing if you chipped it. However, a gold spot on a gold bike doesn't show much if you repaint a similar color.
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    my first rs was a gold 78 that had been changed to an S, this was in the mid 80's, I found the parts to return it to a RS, painted all the fairing panels with house of color paints(metalic undercoat, transparent color and clear), the gold matched very well, enough to park it between two other 78's at a dutch country rally and not notice a difference.

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    Lots of good info and comments here. Gold it will stay!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesdunn View Post
    Gold it will stay!
    It's only original once.

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    in the words of Mick Jagger ...


    (with white coach striping)

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