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Thread: Power Source for spot lights & GPS

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    Question Power Source for spot lights & GPS

    Power source for lights: I would like to know what power source to use for hooking up a set of small blue flood/spot lights? I would also like to know what power source to use for hooking up a GPS? I do not feel that hooking up directly to the battery is the proper procedure since anyone could activate the switch without the bikes key being turned on! Thanks, Ed

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    Install a fuse block. It will allow you to have both switched & unswitched, fuse protected circuits. CenTec makes one and there are others. Do a search of the forum threads and you'll find a wealth of info on the subject.
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    +1 on Centech

    Looking from Throttle side to Clutch side

    Relay trigger mounted below - many options available
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    If you don't have a radio then the radio is an excellent source for power. The wiring is located on the left faring support. There are 2 power sources there, (red and white or purple and black) one is hot all the time and the other one is hot when the key is in the on, or the R position. Check your wiring schematic for your bike. (look at the radio portion)

    The Centex type of fuse block is a good approach, as the add ons do keep coming.

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    The Fuzeblock comes with an integral relay mounted in the unit and you can choose to connect each circuit to either switched or always on power.

    Battery + (black) and Ground (brown) are 12 gauge wire to accomodate the rated 30amps. I tapped into the CANBUS accessory power socket for a switched power signal (thin red wire).

    Right now, I only have another accessory outlet wired from the Fuzeblock, but I decided to add it as I needed to add some wiring to support an air horn.

    Without the cover, you can see how the Fuzeblock looks inside. On the left are the power and ground inputs. The integral relay is just to the right, below the spare 10amp fuse. On the right, you can see the power (red) and ground (black) take offs for the Powerlet socket I mounted in my left dash panel.

    The one 10 amp fuse at the far right controls the outlet, and because it joins the top and middle spade connectors, the circuit is switched. If it were in the middle and lower spade connectors, the socket would be hot all the time. (All of the other fuses shown are spares.
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    You COULD wire lights directly to the battery and if you install it with a relay that is connected to another wire such as a tail light/parking light that IS powered only when the ignition is on then your lights will only work with the ignition eventhough they are wired to the battery. I have a centech fuseblock as well but it is wired hot. I would need to install a relay to the fuse block in order for it to be powered with ignition. Make sense??

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    +1 for the Fuzeblock. Installed one on my F650GS this past weekend. Also have one on my Honda Rebel.
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