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    Texas BMWS

    Anyone from Texas going to the Rally?
    When are leaving?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ST Paul View Post
    Anyone from Texas going to the Rally?
    When are leaving?
    Voni and I are going. Plan to be there early for Camp GEARS. Then plan to go to the RA rally in WV the next week too.

    We left for the rally last Tuesday, April 21. Stopped by the Branson Blitz on the way. We have a few other places to visit on the way too. Grandkids in Iowa - Hyder Alaska, the Canadian Rockies and the Bighorns in Wyoming. Not sure where else, but ...

    We'll see you there.
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    Utopia to Johnson City

    I'm leaving Sunday July 12th from Utopia (90 miles West of San Antonio) headed to Knoxville to visit relatives. Then on to the rally on the 15th.

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    Bryan and I will be leaving probably July 3 from Abilene with an overnight stop the first two nights in Edom, Texas. (My folks live there) We will probably take off from there on the 5th and do some touring in Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina before the rally begins. Feel free to tour with us if you like. We always like company.

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    Probably leaving Saturday, July 11.
    Mike White
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    I'm leaving on the 14th from Nacogdoches.
    Probably one or two others, as well.
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    I am leaving either Sunday after work and drive to Okla City, or I may not leave until early Monday morning. I'll be in Johnson City Tuesday evening sometime.

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    I'll be leaving from Rowlett on the 15th, to arrive at the rally hopefully before noon on the 16th. My plan is to get past Nashville on Wednesday.


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    Going to BMW Rally

    I will be leaving out from Clute Tx on the Friday morning the 10th to ride to a Buddies in Baton Rouge. We plan to ride that day until we get tired.

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    Hi, All,
    IF I go, I'll leave El Paso probably a week or two before the rally, then visit friends and family in Dallas, East Tennessee and Rakeigh, attend the rally, then meander home.
    Ride Safe,
    Phil Marvin - El Paso, TX
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    Smile From Mexico

    Hi to all.
    I do not know if someone from Mexico will ride with me, but I'm planning to ride from Mexico City(10th) to San Antonio on the 12th, and be at the rally at the 15th. I will not attent all the rally since my wife might flight to New Orleans on the 18th and I'll meet her there.
    Then I'll ride back to Veracruz since on the 23rd to 26th will be a rally there too.

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    I'll be attending the rally and I am FROM Texas! I figure it will take me about two hours to get there. (I LIVE in Asheville, NC )
    Ride Safe!
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    Leaving from Justin, TX

    Cheri and I will leave Justin probably on July 11, take 2.5 or 3 days to reach Atlanta to visit family. Rough plan is to visit several historic blues towns, Indianola, Clarksdale, Tupelo, and Muscle Shoals; may be take a photo at the crossroads. Experience the rally and then visit more family elsewhere, returning to TX in late July.

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