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Thread: Message from First Aid Chair!

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    Message from First Aid Chair!

    Well I hope everyone survived the long winter. Now it is time too ride!
    I wanted to touch base with everyone attending the National Rally. Upon speaking with a couple of the locals from the rally site, they are truly looking forward to having us as their guest.
    One of the gentleman that I spoke with runs a fire crew at the fairground's. He had stated that about the only real problem's that they encounter during their county fair are insect sting's.
    The stinging critter's like to especially hang out around garbage can's. So this is where I come in with a little bit of advice.
    If you are allergic to insect sting's and have been prescribed by your physician an item called an Epi-Pen(Epinephrine). Please contact your physician about proper storage and care of your Epi-Pen.
    Per the manufacturer Meridian Medical Technologies, they state on the box to store at 77 degrees F. Also stated on the box, exurcursions permitted to 59 to 86 degrees F. Do not refrigerate and protect from light.
    I have responded to severe allergic reactions due to bee, hornet and wasp sting's on people. They have been prescribed an Epi-Pen but, fail to take it along with them because of the warning on the box.
    Please! SPEAK WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN about storage & transporting your Epi-Pen on your bike. Something is better than nothing, especially if you know that you are highly allergic to insect sting's.
    Something else in regard's to insect sting's. If you know that you have been stung by a bee and the stinger is still stuck into your skin. Do not pull the stinger out with tweezer's. You will squeeze more of that mad bee juice into your body.
    To remove a stinger from your skin or from someone else, use a rigid type card like your MOA membership card, driver's license and flick the stinger out. I hope this will help you out. I have to take care of my family. I am looking forward to seeing everyone. So do not forget that Boy Scout motto. BE PREPARED!

    Take Care & Ride Safe
    Pat Carol
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    BMWMOAF, Past Director
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    Thanks for the excellent advise. A close friend always carries one, but also be aware that they have expiration dates, so I am told.

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