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Thread: Budget Dry Bags

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    Budget Dry Bags

    Just found these as an inexpensive alternative to the ones that run $60 to $120.
    You get BOTH a 91.5 liter and a 37.6 liter bag for $29.88 at Walmart.

    storm duffles
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    Looks very interesting. Let us know if they keep stuff dry in the rain - the product information doesn't make any claims.

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    Budget? Go Army!-the waterproof bags are the cheapest you'll find other than a trash bag and like most military stuff as durable as any.
    These are OD in color(of course) and the size of a large laundry bag, are made of a very durable & flexible cloth that is rubber on the inside & have heavy strings attached to tie off the top. They are waterproof and last a lifetime. I got them from cousins that used to sell surplus and paid a $1 each to them. Is that cheap and durable enough?
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    From the same Walmart...

    You can also get a PVC "float" bag that you would use when canoing. Works great to strap on to the cycle. Very waterproof. I think I paid 12 bucks for mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drswift View Post
    Just found these as an inexpensive alternative to the ones that run $60 to $120.
    You get BOTH a 91.5 liter and a 37.6 liter bag for $29.88 at Walmart.

    storm duffles
    I bought the same set last year and we strapped 'em on the RT to go to the National. They work pretty well but water will get in during a downpour since althought the construction is waterproof, strapping them down will leave small gaps and will let in water.
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    THey cost a few more bucks but I'm still using the Seal Line "Baja 30" Dry Bag that I bought back in 1990! It cost me about $20 back then but it has never leaked or torn.

    So far it has cost me about $1.10 per year and the way things are going, I expect that it'll last another 19 years.

    Spend a little more money and you won't have to either buy twice or arrive someplace with wet underwear!!

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    +1 for the Seal line bags. Also, Campmore has something called a duffle bag hydroliner for $9. Duffle gets wet but stuff stays dry.

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    Thumbs up Seal Line

    +2 for the Seal Line bags, got mine at REI, various sizes, the larger bag has a built in valve to allow air out, roll top with clamps. Hey these kept my gear dry at Indy for the MotoGP last year - and if you were there you know if rained real bad, with very high winds. Good stuff.

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