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Thread: Big feet boots

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    Big feet boots

    I am been searching for months with no success for a nice pair of riding boots size 15. Been trying to stay around the $150.00 mark any suggestions. BTW new member joined this week

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    Didn't say what style you want, so it's kind of like shootin' in the dark.

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    Redwing boots have many sizes

    I have been very statisfied with my purchases of Redwing boots. I also have size 15s and have never been dissapointed in the 30 years I have worn a Redwing boot. I have a narrow foot and so my selection in rather limited. I like their hiker line that is waterproof. I use a leg gaiter for rainy travel which keeps the rain from running down the pant leg into the boot. You can find their product line at their website. I like the attached hiker, see attached link.

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    Big feet boots

    I also have a size 15 foot and it's wide as well! I own a pair of Sidi boots they are the only company that i found that size in. They are a size 50 eur = 14.5 us, the fit is good
    I would buy another pair, the quality is high end but so is the price. pay a little more you 'll be glad you did !!!

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    Have you tried Click into their "Hard to Fit?" section.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sailorlite View Post
    Have you tried Click into their "Hard to Fit?" section.
    Have you got a link for that? I can't find it.

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    I will get looking. Me and my big feet thank you.

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    I use Danner Ft Lewis boots. Very waterproof, great protection and available in your size.
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