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Thread: What parts from other years and other bike fit my RT?

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    What parts from other years and other bike fit my RT?

    Just curious as to what parts off different years R/RT bikes are usable on mine?

    Like what off an 1150 fits mine?
    Or like what parts off an slightly old RT fit?
    As my RT gets older I am thinking ahead of usable parts besides salvaged 1100RT and vendor gear that might work. All I see now is things for the 1200's in catalogs.

    or is this not possible?

    I ask Because on my Zuki there are alot of interchangeable parts between years of Volusias and Boulevards ( due to a distinct lack of innovation on Zuki's part) and a few off the larger C90 w/ some slight modding such as the the C90 Final drive on the smaller bikes.
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    use the parts numbers for comparison. BMW has always had a high degree of interchangeability. Specific parts would be too numerous to list.
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