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Thread: K1200gt 2003

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    K1200gt 2003 oil leak & hesitation

    Hello out there, I am a new member here as well as a new BMW owner, well 15 months that is. Well I have some questions to ask and see if I get any response.

    1 - I have had a rear engine seal leaking problem, I am now on my second repair. Each time this happens it contaminates the clutch and that has to also be replaced. Has anyone else had this problem?

    2 - I have now found a new problem with acceleration, it happens when I have been aggressive going through corners. I like to go in off the tap and then accelerate out at the apex of the curve, what is happening is that the bike will not pull and it seems that there is something holding back, almost like fuel starvation. This seems to happen anywhere from 4,000 rpm up to 7,000 rpm. Does anyone have any ideas ?

    I would like to hear from anyone out there as I am getting frustrated.

    Geoff May
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    Dealer response

    How has your dealership been with these problems?

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