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Thread: K1100rs mirrors

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    K1100rs mirrors

    does anyone have anytricks to remove the mirrors from the frames, I would like to paint the mirror mountings which are part of the signals as well. I don't want to break the mirror getting them out. I could just mask them but I want a to do a good paint job. appreciate any suggestions. Bob

    Thank you, the method worked perfectly. Bob
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    Here's what worked for me....

    Take the WD-40 spray nozzle and stick in toward the center region behind the mirror and give it a good spray. Wiggle the mirror around to make sure the oil gets spread around the ball & socket joint that is back there. Then take the whole mirror into your thickest, plushest carpet and slam the mirror face down on the carpet. The mirror should pop right out.

    To re-install, get a large block of wood (about the size and shape of the mirror) that is thick enough to stick out a good inch or so. Set the mirror's ball and socket in place and place the wood on top. Turn upside down and place the entire arrangement (housing-mirror-wood) upside down on a table and press on the housing with the palm of your hand.

    I also lubed my ball and socket before reassembly with some lithium grease. We'll see if that was a good move or a bad move in a year or so when I get around to disassembly and paint.

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    Yep, fold up a soft towel and lay it on your bench. Grab the mirror from the back and smack it face down (mirror side) on the towel. If it doesn't come out, do it harder the next time. Really. I assumed that you have the mirror removed from the bike. If not, put one hand on the non mirror side to "catch" it and and smack the outside top corner with the heel of the other hand. Really. If you don't understand the procedure post that same question over on and you"ll have 20 guys tell you how it's done.

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    Some RS mirrors are retained by a clip found behind the turn signal lens and reflector. This clip has a long handle and is about the size of an old-fashioned bobby pin. Check whether this is the case before trying the "inertia" method.

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