Yes spring is in the air and it is time to ride bikes!

If you are in New England and have wondered what the Yankee Beemers are all about this is a fantastic weekend to sample what we have to offer.

On Saturday we have our first ride of the season; the Savant's ride to Gould's. The Savant is none other than Dana Lewis, former YB VP and Damn Yankees Rally co-cheese. He is known as the Savant of the Pavement because he knows western MA like no other, yet he can not provide accurate directions, road names or even numbered routes. If you want a great ride at a relaxed pace follow Dana, if you want to be a hot shoe follow Bob "aint stoppin" Hadden.

Dana's ride directions are stuff of legend. ("We're going to go up Blueberry hill and turn left at the red barn. Go a ways down the road to the house with the golden retriever and hang a sharp right. Keep going to the old school bus and turn left.") Gould's waffles, blueberry pancakes and from the farm syrup are incredible. The sausage patties are darn good too!

On Sunday we have our monthly breakfast at the Tavern form the Square in Plainville, MA. It's good food cheap with 80 or more bikes in the lot. Plenty of time to socalize, eat and kick tires before and after a brief bit of club business (next events, rides, new members and let's give stuff away). After breakfast some folks will be heading over to Monson to check out the hill climb while others will hang out for a presentation from Peter Kates of GMD Computrack will present on proper suspension set-up. For the first time there will be a Moto Guzzi in a hill climb which should be...... interesting.

If you are in the Boston / Cambridge area our very own Mallory (I'm not a porn star) Slate aka the GraWun offers the following.

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The CamTigger/OutRider Alert
Cambridge Massachusetts April 13, 2009

To: All YankeeBeemers, Friends of YankeeBeemers, YankeeBeemers,
CamTiggers, OutRiders, and all other AssortedSpecimens of Hibernated
Fm: The GraWun.
Re: April 18 & 19 2009

Some years ago Paul R & John D flogged their mounts from Cambridge to
Lexington & beyond …. & as the Accuweather guys are predicting warm
& sunny days….. it is time for us to Ride so here’s the deal:

Saturday 04 18 09: We LEAVE The Cambridge DonutDump (199 AlewifeBrook Parkway, rte 16west near Fresh Pond) at 8:00AM and pass by The GraveYard
(intersection of 117 & 27 in Maynard) at 8:30. From there the GraWun will ride a “spirited” ride 117 to Bolton, left over the hill to pick up 62 in Clinton, on to Barre for 122 to Orange… & we ought to be there in plenty of time to form up with Dana and or Ain’t Stoppin for the trek to Gould’s Internationally Acclaimed and Beloved Sugar Shack…..where you are invited to fuel up on porkproduct, & pancakes……

Sunday 04 19 09: We LEAVE The DonutDump at 6:30AM…. Yup SIX THIRTY AM. (remember The DonutDump is at 199 Alewife Brook Parkway ) & arrive at The GraveYard ( intersection of 117 & 27 in Maynard) at 7:00AM …. The Drill this month Will be “ride all over hell & back …. And/But BE AT THE TAVERN NO LATER THAN 8::10AM … Yup EightTen AM…… so all Certified CamTiggers and OutRiders will be On Hand to assist His Excellency Keep Left with assorted organizational and welcoming Duties and Procedures to Make The YankeeBeemers ChokeDown and HowDoYouDo better than EVAH.

So… Gas’em,Grease’em,Wash’em, Wax’em, Buff’em,Shine’em & Ride’em

It’s gonna be a Wikkid Pi**ah fine time ,,, see ya. :
Come on out an play with us. From the ride to Goulds to the Big Johnson Tour we are going to have a great season!