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Thread: Putting Camping on a R1200CL

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    Arrow Putting Camping on a R1200CL

    Hello, I'm new to this so I hope this works. Myself and my wife are looking on going to an BMW event in Michigan in May. I was wondering how I could put two sleeping bag and a tent on my bike. I don't have a rack on my top carrier (any ideal were i can get one would be helpful.) If anyone have any ideals would be helpful. Thanks for your help and safe biking.

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    I use canoe dry bags and Helen Two wheels straps. The dry bags can be bought at any sports store and keep your sleeping stuff completely dry even if you throw it in water. Helen Two wheels has a website with all of her straps and other stuff that helps you pack efficient and dry. Maybe take one good sleeping bag, a large air mattress and a blanket. Then you can use the blanket over the air mattress and the sleeping bag for both of you, my wife and I have done this before when it is not real cold and it eliminates one bulky bag. Good luck

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    Come on over to and you'll find many posts about loading up a CL, as well as some great ideas for adding additional luggage racks. Hope to see you there soon.


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    Seen and reviewed on Chromeheads:

    $100 Harley Davidson rack on CL top box.

    We know how to add cheap bling!

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    Which set do you have?

    Which set do you have? I'm looking at them now and they aren't that bad priced.

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    I have that Harley rack on my CLC and it works fine....just be careful with weight. I paid about $110 for it on line from the Harley website. Get compressor sacks for your sleeping bags. It will all fit...if you are using backpacking style gear( ie, Thermarests, etc.) Me, I am done with camping......give me a roadside cabin any day!

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    The ZTechnic rack is very nice also, with the added bonus of an extra brake light built in. Looks great on my 04 CL! Check out the Marketplace on You may find one available there.


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    It is absolutely how much camping gear you can fit in such a small space. Credit card in wallet, clothes in saddle bags. I am done. I can't figure out any reason to bring a roof and bedding with me. All those nice motels already have all that.

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    Thanks and was able to get most gear on the bike

    well I was able to get two pillows, and a blanket rolled up into the air mattress and put it on one side in the bag. The other bag has the sleeping bag for two in it. Left side saddle bag had a small back pack in it with our cloths in it. The other had wash stuff and extra shoes in it. The top case had all rain gear, cleaning supples for bike. And stuff that we would have to get to in a hurry if we needed. I didn't take my tent due to not sure were to put it to work right. If I have one of the racks on the rear it would work. Went to the even and worked well as you can see in the picture. The other picture is one that i took on a RT that I'm thinking of building for my bike. it is simple and looks easy to do. Any other comment well help thanks for your time again guys.
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    other picture from my comment

    here is the pic of what im thinking of making on my cl.
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    May be time for a hitch and small trailer if your riding two up? Bike gross weight must be close if your wight and rider are above normal.
    Bike gets back end heavy with extra carrier on back. Trailer would take all camping gear and extras and put only 25 40 lbs on tounge wieght. Bike handles a little different. but sit up camp and ride the area two up then back to camp.

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