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Thread: BMWTCD Breakfast in Pinckney, MI Sunday 04/19

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    BMWTCD Breakfast in Pinckney, MI Sunday 04/19

    Howdy SE Michigan folks. The BMW Touring Club of Detroit is having their weekly Sunday breakfast in Pinckney this Sunday. I'm a new Michigander and thought it would be a great time to meet some of my fellow ahem, Wolverine, ahem, cough, riders. Will anyone else from the MOA 'board be heading up that way?

    I know that this isn't an epic ride from the Ann Arbor area, but let me know if you want to ride up together. I'll likely shoot up 14/23 on the way and head back home via Dexter-Pinckney Road or meander though the Chain-of-Lakes area.

    More information about these breakfast rides are posted below:

    Hope to see you there! Oh yeah, I'll be the guy on the BMW


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    This is one breakfast we always try to make, but unfortunately we'll be out of town this weekend. But there are some great roads to take, including Huron River Drive, Territorial, etc. Enjoy the breakfast-and try not to overeat. It's hard!

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    I will be at breakfast on Sunday just a short hopp for me in stockbridge. I'll be on a gray LT with under mirror lights.

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    Sorry I missed you guys on wife and I took a last-minute trip to Chicago on Saturday (in the car) and we didn't get back until late, late (early Sunday, actually) and I was beat. We did have a nice late lunch/early supper at this place:

    Excellent seafood dishes...we'll be going back!

    I'll catch you in two weeks!

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