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Thread: K1300GT Pricing?

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    K1300GT Pricing?

    For those of you lucky enough to own, what kind of pricing are you seeing? Has there been any movement off of MSRP on the GT?


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    Quote Originally Posted by rodell View Post
    For those of you lucky enough to own, what kind of pricing are you seeing? Has there been any movement off of MSRP on the GT?


    1st post eh...

    Welcome to the club.

    At this time there is a $1,500 rebate on '09 1300GTs according to my local dealership. That's about as fast as I've ever seen $$ back on a new model. **
    I guess that the economy has not quite yet recovered.

    Edit ** Just saw a promotion at a dealer web sit.. $1,500 in accessories with purchase of new '09 GT

    Brand new, old, outdated, obsolete '08 1200GTs are available for $17 - 18,000 at a few dealers in the US.

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    I got $500 off MSRP, plus a decent trade-in.

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    Gotta start somewhere.

    I'm currently riding an '02 R1150RT. The 1200Gt caught my eye, was a little concerned about the forward seating position. Now that there's a K1300GT and an extra 1" setback available, it seems like it might be time.

    My dealer(s) haven't mentioned the $1,500 ...


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    Double checked at the BMW site..
    The advertised incentive on the K1300GT is special (lower) finance rates from BMW OR $1,500 in accessories or apparel
    Through the end of April.


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    Act Fast

    I got a great deal on my K1300GT; $1,100 off MSRP, $1,500 cash back plus a very fair price on my trade-in. The $1,500 cash back ends the end of this month. It seems like a great time to buy.

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    I took the plunge on the K13GT after riding the R12RT and the K13GT back to back for an hour each.

    I got a fully loaded model with everything except the security system for $1900 off MSRP, plus, a decent trade they moved up on and a few accessories.

    Next week ...

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    I fell into clover: an '06 K1200GT with but 620 miles on the clock: $15K and loaded with ALL the goodies: ESA, Heated grips/seats, Cruise Control, Onboard computer. Only thing the bike doesn' t have is highway pegs. Can't have everyting, I suppose! However, Suburban Machinery puts out a nice set of barbacks for the model that I just installed. Makes the riding position even better. Perfect!
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    Picked her up today - I'm NOT disappointed!


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