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Thread: MultiVario Tankbag Question

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    Question MultiVario Tankbag Question

    This may be a dumb question, but I bought my 1992 R100GS with a BMW Multivario Tankbag as part of the "deal". I also have a 1988 K100LT with an aftermarket (Chase Harper) tankbag.

    Can I install the Multivario Tankbag from my GS on the K bike if I can obtain the appropriate tankbag base for the K bike, or are the base and bag a completely different entity for each model?

    It sure would be handy to deal with only one tankbag that could be moved from bike to bike. TIA

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    Tom, you probably know by now, but the answer is yes. I've had several bikes of that vintage, and the Multivario swaps from one base to another. It's a terrific design. Can also report that after 80K miles, the map pocket is still clear, and there have been no problems other than elastic for the base that relaxed. A shoe repair shop fixed that quickly and cheaply.

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    You need to make sure you get the correct vintage base to match your tankbag. If your tankbag has the shorter ~9" zippers on each side, the bases with 9" zippers are the same. If you have the longer ~14" zippers that curve around the back of the tankbag, there were several different zippers used, they do not all match, just check before you buy. If you are buying new from a dealer, be sure he will allow you to decline the purchase if the zippers do not match. HTH
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