I have been saving my BMW/MOA News for about 7 years, but my apartment was gutted by fire last week. My '84 R/65 airhead survived in part and I am trying to figure out what to do about it. Those aforementioned Magazines by the MOA had an article about a mechanic that lives out in the countryside in upstate New York. My magazines have all burned, so can anyone help me find this mechanic? The article had some pictures of his semi-trailer boxes that were permanently moored on his property and had many parts for all ages of airheads. This homestead/garage was located in the Adirondacks, or maybe the Catskills(...OR-?). I am about to fly back to Brooklyn (I was away attending a family funeral!) to sift through the ashes and try to recover some of my belongings. This is the one guy I think I'd like to have work on this bike while I am at work at moving to a new home in Washington State.. I will be in the Brooklyn area from about April 13, to April 19th. I will be hotel-bound, and my computer is also "toast", so once in Brooklyn I will have very limited internet access. So, if you can offer clues to finding this mechanic - OR if you have an idea about this predicament would you please let me know by PHONE? My number is (347)232-7190.