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Thread: Metzeler Question

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    Beemergirl -- I've had excellent service from Southwest Moto Tires.
    Paul L
    '04 BMW R1150RT
    '82 Yamaha XJ650RJ
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    I suffered the rare double tire flat this past weekend at the Georgia Mtn Rally. We plugged the tires and headed off to Blue Moon Cycle in Norcross, GA. Big shout out to the crew there. I normally run the model specific Z6 on my 2004 R1150RT, but Blue Moon had only the Interact Z6s in stock, so that's what I put on the bike.

    This will be my third set of Z6s. I get pretty much 10,000 miles out of the set. For me, they wear almost evenly. I still have a head full of snakes from a spill I took years ago, so I'm not aggressive in the twistes. The group typically does a handful 1500 trips and one 10-day 5-6,500 mile trip each year.

    The Interact took a lot more lead to balance this time. I could have been that the tech didn't have the time to jockey the tire around to minimize the lead. I've only got 330 miles on them but so far I like them. Very smooth and during the short jaunt in the wet sweepers around Lake Lure, NC they seem very sure footed.

    I typically run the 2-up pressures all the time unless I know I'm going solo for a weekend of canyon carving, then I back off the pressures. I'm a fan of the Z6. I may try the 880s next time just to see if I can feel any difference. YMMV.
    JD Watson
    2004 R1150RT
    "Too much of a good thing is not enough..."

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