Does anyone know if there are any noise canceling headsets for helmets? I'm looking for something like the Bose headphones that cancel out unwanted noise. Mostly what I want to do is to minimize the wind noise (I wear a Shoei RF-900) but still be able to hear the engine, traffic, etc. After a half hour's ride or more I have a terrible ringing in the ears from the wind noise (I have tinnitus, my ears ring almost all the time, but the ringing gets annoyingly loud after prolonged exposure to noise). I tried earplugs, they did help a little bit, but they were not too comfortable for me and I felt that they also cut out sounds that I did want to hear. I'm tempted to get a pair of Aiwa noise canceling headphones (about $50) and try to fit the earpieces into the helmet as an experiment, has anyone tried anything like this?

Thanks much for any info.

-- Jonathan Gabel