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Thread: A blast from the past

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    A blast from the past

    On an earlier thread I had brought up "That classic bike you always wanted", and how I was keeping my eyes open for something that appealed to me for my latest restoration project.
    Well, look what followed me home today...
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    Not much restoration there. Change the fork gators and seals and she's good to go. Nice find!

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    Man,what a find!

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    A blast from the past!

    Here's mine, circa 1976. Gone but not forgotten. It was a blast!

    Good luck with yours!
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    Beautiful. The bike that brought the "big" Japanese bike mainstream. I always wanted one but couldn't afford it. I ended up with a CB350 and a CB500T. It was the bike to have until Kawasaki introduced the KZ900. After I rode a friends KZ900, my wants changed.
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    I remember those. I had a Honda 500 four cylinder. It was really nice sounding after I changed to a 4 to 1 pipe. Very mellow throaty sound and not loud either. It's one of the bikes I miss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kreinke View Post
    Not much restoration there.

    Sweet bike!

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    Thanks for all the comments, (and memories).

    Would you believe I found it at a church rummage sale? The owner had a Honda chopper, another chopper project, and this to go with it, as a donor bike! I had to intervene. A few words, a handshake, and a quick trip to the ATM & back and it was mine, with title.
    So I found my classic, saved it from destruction, and supported a good cause all in one stroke!

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    Wow! 1971? Bought one new except mine candy red. Honey brown color hard to get. $1,726.00 out the dealer door. Was a outstanding bike, especially compared to the POC Mach Three I traded in.

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    Very nice find.

    In 1975 I purchased a new Commando instead of a Honda CB750.

    It turned out to be the correct decision, the Norton was so unreliable I still own it. (Never did get enough use to wear out).

    I'd have ridden the Honda until it was dead, then traded it in on something.

    See, reliability is bad for collecting............Rod.
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