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Thread: MC paarking.

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    MC paarking.

    Unfortunately I am only going to be able to attend the rally Saturday due to other commitments and was wondering what the bike parking situation is going to be for arriving early in the AM and then leaving that evening. How far away will the parking be and how secure will the area be for leaving luggage on the bikes?? Thanks!
    Mo Shaffer
    Maggie valley NC,
    St. George, BM

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    There will be plenty of parking available for your bike. There will be no problem getting in and out. Be sure to stop at registration located in the elementary school (it will be well marked) and then proceed to the main gate. Traffic flow will be one way in order to handle the amount of traffic. But no problem...see you there!
    Vance Harrelson
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    Be wise, MO;

    Carry a cable locking device to lock your jacket, helmet on the seat. "MOA Rallies are friendly, nice folk rally types show for these, but know the numbers coming and going are in the thousands, so be wise. I have been to so many of these and have found the issues of theft to be so very small, as I've heard, so your not likely to have issues. BTW, Maggie Valley was a BMW rally I attended in the late 70's on my R100/7 and its a fine memory. We live out West now, but VA is home and N.Carolina was our neighbor of course and a great ride. Randy

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    Vance and Randy thanks for your replies, I appreciate it. Mo
    Mo Shaffer
    Maggie valley NC,
    St. George, BM

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    park your bike with general bike parking and use common sense. There is generaly more people looking out for your bike at a rally than any where else, enjoy and join in the fun,.

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    Rally Security

    I'm really still a newbie but had the good fortune to attend Lima, Essex Jct, West Bend and now looking forward to Johnson City. I'm especially appreciative that the rally attendance is "closed" to any and all people, even well-meaning locals and other motorcyclists, unless they are registered MOA's or their guests.
    2 years ago in West Bend I was careless and left my sister's borrowed camera on my bike seat for half a day, only to return and find it right where I left it. I "lock" my textile tankbag but of course anyone could cut it open if they wanted to. Highly unlikely at our rally. Just be more careful than me! Have fun on your day off there.
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    Actually I use a small cable lock for my helmet more to prevent it accidently being knocked on the ground than from being stolen. Common sense says to keep your money and medicine with you but the packs on your bike will be safe. Half the bikes in the parking area will have GPS's mounted on them. Much higher profile than mine.

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