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Thread: ? Have you tried Brosh Tech ?

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    ? Have you tried Brosh Tech ?

    There is a small ad in Rider this past issue for a company in Israel that makes biker riding gear. See . I am a hard fit on riding pants, what with short inseam and knee pads misplaced and so on.I currently wear BMW Kalahari pants with suspenders and Gore-tex liners but they are a bit much in summer and have never been a truly great fit. They make several models of riding pants and they also offer that you send them a pair of your own jeans that actually fit you well(and a little loosely) and they will sew kevlar into them -with pad pockets. The cost is $44+8 sh, plus more if you want the pads from them.
    Have you tried this product/service? If so, I would like to hear about how it turned out.

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    I bought a Cool jacket and (over)pants from them about 7 years ago. The pants are like this

    I bought these before mesh gear was a big thing.

    The pants were cool and comfortable, but I did not completely trust that they actually had kevlar in them. The cotton seemed thin, and I did not trust that it would hold up if I were sliding down the road.

    The company was good to deal with, and I am sure that their products are fine. I just had this limited experience with them.

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