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Thread: Suggestions for routes from Austin TX to California

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    Suggestions for routes from Austin TX to California

    I have posted this thread in the 'ride section' and was advised to do regional. In any case, looking for ride route suggestions leaving from Austin, TX late April, heading to California with the goal of doing Pacific Coast Highway north to maybe the Redwoods and then head back. Time limit is about 12-14 days. Prefer to do camping as much as possible.

    Also, this is my first big ride in some years. If there is anything that you think "you gotta have this on your bike" let me hear from ya. Mucho appreciate all your input.

    Austin, TX

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    Austin to LA is two days on the interstate, Hwy 1 from LA to Ft. Bragg is 2-3 days if you don't stop too often.
    How many miles a day do you want to cover? Do you prefer interstate or secondary roads? Do you waant to see things along the way? What part of SoCal are you going to start your Hwy 1 ride on?
    You need to define some parameters in order to get more useful info.
    Make sure you take cold weather riding gear. Hwy 101/1 along the coast can be cold, even in April/May. I was there is mid May and the daytime temps along the coast sometimes stayed in the 50's all day.
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    If you want backroads to West Texas I can suggest a couple of routes. West of Austin, if you take 290 to Fredericksburg, then 16 South to Kerrville. From there, you can take 39 West to Lost Maples, then 377 to Leakey and Camp Wood. From there, through Rocksprings to Del Rio. From Del Rio, take 90 West through Langtry, Marathon on on. Eventually, you will probably have to do some time on I10 near El Paso. This is a beautiful, curvy ride (albeit a little slow), but if you have time, it is fantastic. Unfortunately, someone will have to help me with roads through New Mexico and Arizona, although Sedona and Williams are neat places, and you can pick up Route 66 north of Flagstaff. Hope this is what you had in mind. I always try to avoid Interstates if possible.

    BTW, Paulmul's advice about the California coast is right on.......damn near froze my butt off last time I played golf out there.

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    Hi, Paul,
    Hugh has gotten you to I-10 in Van Horn, TX if you take his suggestion if US90. (The Holland Hotel in Alpine, TX has a good German restaurant and brew pub, if you're hungry.) The best way to get to El Paso (and through it) is on I-10. I live there and if you want my phone number, send me a PM.
    From El Paso, if you want "scenic" and "curvy" instead of interstate, I would take I-10 to Las Cruces, NM, then NM185 through Radium Springs to Hatch. From Hatch I would take NM26 toward Deming, then, after 20 or so miles, turn north on NM27 to Hillsboro. Watch out for cattle on the road, also deer, javelina and all sorts of other wildlife. Turn left at the dead end in Hillsboro onto NM152. This goes through the Black Range (mountains) over Emory Pass. After 40 miles or so, torn right onto US180. Go through Silver City and head north, still on US180. After 50 miles or so, turn left (west) onto NM78. Go through Mule Creek and continue on. The altitude gets to well over 2000 metres. In the mountains you cross into Arizona.
    Turn right onto US191 toward Clifton. Be sure you fill up in Clifton or Morenci, as there is no gas for the next 80+ miles. At Morenci, look at the copper mine and spit (or piss on it, if you feel the need). They laid me off a month ago! You are now on US191, one of the premier motorcycling roads in the country. The altitude gets to almost 3000 metres. As such, it can get cold. Continue on US180 to !-40. Or, at Eager, AZ, take AZ260 to Show Low, then to Payson, then stay on AZ260 until it meets I-17. Take I-17 north into Flagstaff. Turn left onto I-40 and take it to Barstow, CA. From there, you are on your own getting to the coast! If you have the time and want to, there are portions of the old Route 66 in AZ which might be interesting.
    I hope this helps and isn't too long. If you are pressed for time, L.A. is a little over 700 miles from El Paso via interstate. It is AT LEAST 2 days via the route I described.
    Ride Safe,
    Phil Marvin - El Paso, TX
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