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Thread: Airhead special tools

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    Airhead special tools

    I was looking for a couple of special tools I'd seen for /5's and can't remember where I saw them. One was the grease fitting for the swingarm (Can grease without removing bearings) and the other was the special points tool. Where do I get those and other special tools? Thanks.

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    The greasing tool is at Not sure if they also carry the points tool.

    The points tool is shown at

    You could also browse the /5united website for other info at
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    I don't know about early bikes but on mine I use and old tapered plastic cap or the tapered end off an old tube of silicone. Cut it to fit over the end of your grease gun tip then insert in the hole where the grease firring would be. Some light pressure from the gun will hold it in place and cause it to seal.

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    Did you really mean swing-arm bearing greaser, or wheel bearing?

    I have greased swing arm bearings without removing them.

    Cycleworks makes a tool to grease wheel bearings without removing (and destroying) their seals. It works well.

    I don't see any tool to grease swing-arm bearings, but again, I don't think you need one.

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