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Thread: Audio Quality of XM via Helmet Speakers

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    Audio Quality of XM via Helmet Speakers

    Can someone provide feedback regarding the general final audio quality of XM Music through helmet speakers while cruising at freway speeds?

    My helmet is quite loud and I wear earplugs. I want to install XM, but I'm thinking that the final audio quality qould be diminished at 70 MPH on a 1150 GS.

    Any comments would be appreciated.


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    Better way

    I used to use earplugs and helmet speakers together. I had to use a Boostaroo - a little battery-powered amplifier - to get the volume of my Sony Walkman MiniDisc player up to the point where I could hear anything.
    Then I got a set of custom earplug stereo speakers. I got mine from Marilyn Navia, an audiologist from Miami, Fla., who was at the Red River, NM BMWRA rally in '02. They are, IMHO, the ultimate solution to quality audio on a motorcycle. They block extraneous noise while putting high fidelity sound deep into your ear canals. It feels like the music is inside my head.
    And I run my output volume at about one-third power with no need for Boostaroo amplification.
    Ditto with my XM Roady - just run the earplug speakers straight out of the radio - with an inline volume control to back it off when it gets too loud.
    Musicians have been using these things for years. In their business they call them in-ear monitors and lots of audiologists around the country make them.

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    Yup, in ears are the way to go.

    However a little warning, they do wear out and some people find them disorienting if they seal well and the eustachen tubes can't clear.

    I am one of those and use the AutoCom speakers and Howard Leight plugs. I also used the other brands as well, but they did not fit in the helmet as well. To be honest the price to performance ratio is a better indicator of fidelity than size. So you can decide how good you want it to sound. For me it is important, but I also tried the less expen$ive first.

    The key though is to make sure you can hear the ambient noises. Also the inline volume control is a great tool. What I did was put on the gear and asked the wife to blow the horn on her car as I sat in the garage. Safety then fidelity and not damaging your hearing.

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    Audio Quality

    Thanks. Very helpful Info.

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