800 Gs 3500 mile ride

My maiden voyage on this bike was from Eugene,Or to Phoenix Az.
My impression of this bike is it is a legit dual sport.
We left Eugene 03/15 in a 6 hr. downpour and then from Klammath Falls to Susanville it was 20-25 mph cross winds.
The bike handled all and in my mind the exception of the rear break when wet . That is something if you need to use will catch you off guard. It is useless with the 1 caliper set up.
We rode into D. Valley on Big Pine/Old D.V. road out of Bishop.
My first time off road on any bike to be honest .
It was great and until I hit 3" of gravel doing 50 was a breeze.
At that point the front end went ape and there I was trying to control a wild ape. I made it but it refocused my attention.
We rode Titus Canyon , again I'm a rookie on street tires.
T.C. took me a long time to complete in my opinion. The pass part was tight and in my mind I only wanted to get through it and do so w/o crashing or stalling the bike.
The last 3-4 Mi. of T.C. was 3-4" gravel and again the Front end was hard for me to control.
I then departed to Az. rode through Mojave N.P. I had family to visit in Phoenix after which I headed to Roosevelt Dam.
Apache road was 22 miles of hard pack , not too bad of a ride even though I was fully laoed with gear. I took off towards Sedona via camp verde.
Sedona to Jerome which by then was getting cold and elevation was about a mile high. I stayed at Prescott for the night and then headed for the Ca coast.
Lets say form this ride alone the bike is to me a 600 miler for a day.
After that ( i had 2 600-630) the back side is DONE!
My right wrist also became cramped at numerous intervals.( where is my GT cruise)
I have a Cee baily 16" screen but stock seat (low)
The screen for offroad in future will be removed , washboards just don't do it any justice.
I rode in 22 degree weather (Prescott) , constant downpours going/returning Oregon, winds 25 - 40 mph , out of Reno warning sign : trucks,semi's,rvs don't proceed ,high winds"
Does that apply to Motorcycles? I guess not we headed into it and survived .
On return up Or. coast 03/29 I experienced hard rain, sleet 3-4 times, and constant cross winds.
Neck and shoulders are still sore form the intense ride that day.
So 3 times off road off about 100 miles and 3400 asphalt with twisties included.
fuel average 50-55 , bikes ran great and 2-3 days I rode her 80-85 ALL DAY only stopping for gas.
Great bike and I now plan a set of TKC tires for my next on ride training.