Last night I arrived home from work. I parked the bike in the garage, and while pulling the key out of the ignition I fumbled it and it fell down into the innards of the bike. I spent 30 minutes poking around with my fingers, a flashlight, a flexible grabber and a flexible magnet trying to find the lost key without success. As my brief bag was in my side case, I needed to get a new key made fast.

I thought it would take days to find someone able to come to my house to make a new key for my motorcycle. I envisioned a horror story of having to order a new blank from Germany. Of course, it was a Monday, so the local dealer was closed and thus unable to provide a referral to a local locksmith able to make a new key for my bike.

I did a Google search for "locksmith" and my nearest town. That gave me a listing for "Lynnwood Lock and Key". I called them and explained my situation. The person who answered the phone said "Oh - you need to call my brother-in-law. His number is 425-778-4200."

I called the number and "Gene" answered the phone. He asked a few questions about my bike and then said he'd be over within 30 minutes. 20 minutes later he pulled into my driveway, and within 20 minutes I had two new keys to my motorcycle for $75 plus tax.

Turns out Gene used to own an Airhead. Toured all over the west on it. Then he got into Italian bikes and now has an Aprilia and a Moto Guzzi. Used to belong to the MOA as well when he owned the Airhead.

So - if you ever need a locksmith in the Seattle area - and even more importantly, need a locksmith for your Beemer, give Gene a call at 425-778-4200. He's in Lynnwood, about 20 miles north of downtown Seattle. He has an amazing mobile key cutting and locksmith shop in his van, and is a really nice guy.

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