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Thread: First Gear Heated Jacket question

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    First Gear Heated Jacket question

    I picked up my First Gear my heated jacket liner today. After talking to the sales guy, now I know I "need" a temp controller, otherwise I roast like a turkey; OK $60.00 more, got this much invested, $60.00 more, I understand. But then he told me that since I have an 05 GS or newer, the canbus will kick it off if I choose to hook through the port under the seat/frame, and that I should buy another attachment instead of the one I ordered that goes right to the battery. Any truth to this, or is he just pulling my leg? I opted out any further investment till I got some consensus from you all..

    Anybody out here experience this issue?


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    I don't know what the First Gear heated stuff comes with, but each Gerbings piece comes with an outlet to be wired directly to the battery. That way I don't have to worry about limitations of canbus. Just wired up my F650GS twin tonight. Going direct to the battery, or through a fuse box, is the way to go. But just an FYI, my wife rides pillion and plugs her Gerbings into the rear outlet on the R1200RT and we haven't had the canbus kick off yet.

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    the jacket liner only shouldn't kick the circuit to the outlet, but as mentioned, the seperate coax style power lead is what I use on my GS for a Warm-n-Safe liner & controller. It is compatible to the Gerbings, not sure about First Gear's. It's an easy way to be sure, but why not try without first if its the extra funds issue?
    My rear circuit did trip with Helen riding with her jacket plugged in on my dual controller at same time on my 05 RT. Just my liner was fine.

    Liners are SWEET! like Helen says..a warm hug
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    My understanding is that the CANBUS outlets are limited to 5 amps of power. According to Aerostich, their liners draw 5.7 to 5.7 amps, so they will not work. If you only have their vest, it draws less than 5 amps (they have no sleeves), so it is fine. They recommend a fused outlet, wired directly to the battery to get around this problem on bikes with the CANBUS system. The other option, is to insert a 1.25 ohm resistor into the BMW outlet circuit.

    I'm guessing your liner will be somewhat similar in power draw. I would recommend a separate fused power outlet for your heated clothing.
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    You'll be fine there if you keep the temp low but at half it'd kick it off. I'd put a centech fuse block in and run all the accessories off that. It is actually smarter than us and won't turn on seat/clothing/stuff when it senses a low battery state. Saves you a jump/tow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by redclfco View Post
    ........ OK $60.00 more, got this much invested, $60.00 more, I understand. ..............Dale

    Get the dual circuit controller - only $90 - $100 more. You are sure to get heated pants or a passenger in the future. (or both if you're lucky!!)

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