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    Went for a nice comfortable relaxing ride today , went thru Ford, Springdale, Chewelah stopped for coffee at Flowerey trail, then over to Sedonia, thru wellpinit Twin Falls and over poor mans flat, now this picture is graffic but the fella i believe should live, Im posting this to explain how a nice comfortable relaxing ride could turn into a dissaster, This particular spot has trees both side of the road, I alsways slow down here in this area due to deer, well anyway the fella was cruising eastward on a harley, no protective gear and you know the rest of the story, broken legs beatup but breathing when the parametics arrived.....matthew PS;;DRIVE SAFE out there

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    Doesn't really look like a Harley (shaft drive?), but the incident should still be a warning to us all.
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    Dibs on the tenderloins.

    Hope the rider is alright. Good post.
    I can't believe how incredulous I am.

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    Deer VS bike

    Was on the FOX 6 news this morning here in SE WI.

    Just 8 miles from my house on a primary road, in the city of Oak Creek, WI.

    Guy on an HD hit a deer and was killed.

    No particulars, I had to head off to work, but sad sad happenings.

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    Unhappy Deer are out there to get you!!!!!!!

    I hit a deer on HWY 101, just east of Port Angeles, a few years ago on my
    R1100GS, It's head went between the "beak" fender and the wheel, It's body slapped my already sore right knee into my gas tank, then ricocheted off the back and knocked my top box off. It actually felt like being hit by a wet couch cushion swung by Edger Martinez. I maintained control and was able to pull to right side of the road. No damage to me but the right fork leg was bent and the fuel pump got broken. The deer unfortunately met his end. Then about a week later I saw another rider on a small cruiser laying about 20 feet behind his bike and the deer along side him. People where there already and I think he was OK. He wasn't wearing much for "Good, Safe riding gear." Good Helmet, Aerostitch suit, Sidi Boots and Full leather guantlet gloves are what I wear. Ride Safe and Keep Your Eyes Open, Looking in the Shadows !!!
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    The only thing stupider than a deer is a chicken...and I'd much rather run over a chicken.

    What a mess!

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    I've just got healed up to something close to normal after my deer encounter last fall and don't need to be reminded of how quick and unpredictably they can take you down.

    Keep your wits about you out there when in deer country, which seems to be everywhere.
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