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    Question K-Bike TAIL BAG

    Going to need a little extra cargo capacity to head to the Rally and want to purchase a tailbag for my K12RS. Have researched a bit--the Wolfman, First Gear, Tourmaster,etc. Anyone have experience or own one they can attest to use/usefulness/etc.??? Thanks much & Ride Safe

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    2002 K1200RS Tail Bag

    I own and use both the BMW OEM tail bags. There is a soft one that is useful for around town, holds a decent amount of stuff, and has a mount that snaps on and off the already mounted rear luggage rank. The mount can be locked to the luggage rack, but the bag itself cannot be locked. The soft bag also has stretchable straps with hooks that could be attached to the seat once you've removed the hard plastic mount.
    There is also a large hard tail bag that mounts to the same rear luggage rack, is also lockable to the luggage rack, and is lockable itself. It comes with a kit that replaces the original factory torx bolts holding the luggage rack with heavier duty ones. For some reason it is listed in the BMW parts directory as only being for the 2002-2004 K1200GT, but since both the RS & GT models have the same exact luggage racks it works fine on the RS. Check with your dealer.
    Whichever, or both, you get, MAKE SURE the rubber on the snap on mounting feet is under the frame of the luggage rack. You can push the rubber out of the way without realizing it and then the bags, especially the large one, are not as securely attached, and even though the mount is locked, can still fall off after a hard bounce, like riding over uneven railroad tracks. Sadly, this is based on personal experience, but I did have it returned to me by a kind motorist. Another reason to label your name & telephone number on EVERYTHING on your bike that might come of.

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