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    I tried to get interest from the GS forum but no luck.
    Yes I know it is early but 2010 I want to ride to Alaska or Baja .
    Typically I ride solo and camp but for either of these I would prefer some companions male/female doesn't matter.
    date will depend on destination of course.
    I will be riding the 800GS.
    If anyone would like to go please drop me a line.

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    Sometime, me too;

    I'll be riding Alaska, probably next year2010, if not this year. I am making tentative plans to go to Tennessee for the Rally, but its too soon to know for sure. If not Tennessee, Alaska would be a target this year. GSA1200 here, riding dirt most my life. Baja has been an interesting ride too, I've yet to go the distance to San Lucas. Mexico has been in such pain lately with drug wars, gun shipping and the like and it can be a hazard, BUT a worthy ride indeed, if one can assume the risks...I was just down there and the Mexican Troops are at war with drug barons and its NO joke. Randy

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    Keep me in mind .
    Next year I'm off to somewhere , Baja, Alaska, or Europe.
    I had conversations with a bunch while in Death V. and they said Mexico was ok if you stayed in at night .
    Don't go out or the bad locals would take advantage of you.

    Keep it upright and out of the ditch

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