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Thread: Cee Bailey "Monster" shield? Anyone??

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    Cee Bailey "Monster" shield? Anyone??

    I'm a wuss. Let that be known. I like my rides quiet and not so windy. I envy all those Electra Glide riders I see riding along wearing a forward facing baseball cap - not that I would ever do that! My R1100R came (used) with a 22 inch Cee Bailey windshield which worked well but it was too short for me. However, I'm '6-5" and my helmet was right in the "jet wash". I raised the screen by cobbler type means and it worked fairly well. Basically quiet and minimal turbulence. Looked like crap tho, so I ordered a taller screen to simply bolt on. For whatever reason I ordered a Clearview instead of the Cee Bailey. Nice looking I guess, but the turbulence is nightmarish - to a wuss anyway. I lived with it.....for 3 rides, but a recent Harley Rental had me wishing for a quieter ride again. Yep - the Harley (a 2009 Road King) was very quiet. Smooth. Almost BMW-like. Big improvements at HD for 2009. I digress. The RK windshield had a smoother profile screen like my old Cee Bailey screen. I'm reasoning that profile helps keep things quieter than the heavily sculpted Clearview.

    The question - Does anyone have experience with the Cee Bailey "Monster" screen? it's 7 inches taller and 6 inches wider than stock. Sounds bad, but my current screen is plus 4 and 4 I think, and I could live with the extra size appearence wise.

    Any other suggestions? I considered the Aeroflow, but their biggest screen is intended for riders up to '6-3". At the rate I'm going through windshields, I could have just bought a RT with the money spent.

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    Calsci Windshields

    Try the calsci windshield. They have an extra large shield for your bike. I just bought their windshield for my RT. the link below is for your bike.

    the site says that they will give you a $60 credit if you send in a competitor's shield. I don't know if you would want to part with another windshield for that amount.

    Take a look through their site. It is very informative.

    Regards and best of luck.
    Deepak Menon
    2006 Red R1200RT

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    Thanks for the reply Depak. Unfortunately, it appears as though they do not carry a shield for my model. Looks like good stuff.

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    Give F 1 windsheilds a call, I'm testing one now for Marcel. It's in the proto type stage and soon will be availible. I ride an R1150RT-04, the windsheild is a little taller and wider. Very quite and air turbulence is reduced to a gentil brezze.

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    I ride with a ball cap all the time on my R12RT. No problem. I have a medium calsci.

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    I ordered the "monster" yesterday. It's only 1.5 inches taller than what I have but 3 inches wider. Fingers crossed. I'll do a follow up review.

    The Clearview is in the flea market. It's a nice shield but just too dang small for my tall frame.

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