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Thread: Request input for Ride from Palmer MA to Dallastown, PA

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    Question Request input for Ride from Palmer MA to Dallastown, PA

    I can entertain myself endlessly in the hills and forest of western Mass CT & Vermont but once I get out of my area of familiarity I tend to end up on boring slab of claustrophobic urban byways.

    That being said, I'd appreciate any input to roads worth riding or avoiding during my ride from Palmer Ma to Dallastown, PA 17313. I'll be going in the beginning of May and will be in Dallastown for a week or so with plenty of spare time to ride during the day.

    I hope to be able to "borrow" some of your more seasoned riders experience. I'd hate to find out that I was close to a great ride area and missed it because I didn't ask.



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    In the Endless Mountains

    Long scenic way

    Scenic and twisty roads from the Catskills to the Delaware Highlands, to Endless Mountains southward. Plenty of farmland and woods with a small sample of the coal region and a twisty road to the Dutch borders farmland and crossing the Susquehanna River by ferry boat.

    Start address: Palmer, MA
    End address: Dallastown, PA

    Start at: Palmer, MA

    1. Head north on Breckenridge St toward MA-32/Thorndike St - 1.3 mi
    2. Turn left at MA-32/Thorndike St - 1.1 mi
    3. Take the ramp onto I-90 W Toll road - 52.2 mi
    4. Take exit 2 for US-20 Toll road - 0.7 mi
    5. Turn left at Housatonic St/US-20 - 190 ft
    6. Turn right at MA-102/Pleasant St (signs for MA-102/Stockbridge/Great Barrington) Continue to follow MA-102 - 4.6 mi
    7. Turn left at South St/US-7 Continue to follow US-7 - 6.6 mi
    8. Turn left at MA-23/MA-41/S Main St/US-7 - 0.9 mi
    9. Turn right at MA-23/MA-41/Maple Ave Continue to follow MA-23 Entering New York - 7.1 mi
    10. Continue on NY-23/Rte-23 Continue to follow NY-23 - 15.5 mi
    11. Continue on NY-23B/Rte-23B Continue to follow NY-23B - 3.8 mi
    12. Turn left at N 3rd St/NY-23B/NY-9G Continue to follow NY-23B/NY-9G - 2.8 mi
    13. Slight right at NY-23/NY-9G Continue to follow NY-23 Partial toll road - 2.0 mi
    14. Turn left at NY-385/Spring St/State Rte 385 Continue to follow NY-385/State Rte 385 - 1.5 mi
    15. Continue on W Bridge St/US-9W Continue to follow W Bridge St - 0.6 mi
    16. Continue on NY-23A/Rte-23A/State Rte 23A Continue to follow NY-23A/State Rte 23A - 17.4 mi
    17. Turn left at Clove Rd/NY-214 Continue to follow NY-214 - 12.3 mi
    18. Turn right at NY-28/State Route 28 Continue to follow NY-28 - 23.9 mi
    19. Turn left at NY-30 - 23.0 mi This road takes you to the start of the east branch of the Delaware River into a scenic reservoir.
    20. Turn left to stay on NY-30 - 14.9 mi
    21. Turn right at County Rte-17/Old State Rd (signs for NY-17/Binghamton) - 0.1 mi
    22. Merge onto NY-17 W via the ramp on the left to Binghamton - 11.0 mi Scenic slab to get you along to better roads
    23. Take exit 87 for NY-97 toward Hancock/NY-191 - 0.2 mi Purchase gas here.
    24. Turn left at County Rd-67/County Rte-67/NY-97/Sands Creek Rd - 0.1 mi
    25. Turn left at W Main St/NY-97 - 0.2 mi
    26. Turn right at W Front St - 0.2 mi
    27. Turn right at S Pennsylvania Ave Entering Pennsylvania - 0.2 mi
    28. Continue on PA-191 - 1.1 mi
    29. Turn right at PA-370 - 16.7 mi
    30. Turn left at PA-171/Still Water Rd Continue to follow PA-171 - 5.2 mi The road has a divided road prior to the turn, church on right.
    31. Turn right at Church St - 0.4 mi bumpy but manageable section between Uniondale and Clifford.
    32. Turn left at S Main St - 2.5 mi
    33. Continue on PA-2023 - 2.2 mi
    34. Slight right at PA-247 - 1.1 mi
    35. Turn right to stay on PA-247 - 1.4 mi
    36. Turn left to stay on PA-247 - 0.1 mi
    37. Turn right at PA-2008 - 2.5 mi
    38. Turn right at PA-106 - 1.6 mi
    39. Turn left at PA-374 - 6.0 mi
    40. Turn left at PA-92 - 13.4 mi Rt 92 takes you through Nicholson, it has a railroad viaduct.
    41. Turn right at PA-92/Sr 6 E/US-6 - 2.3 mi
    42. Slight left at Tunkhannock Bypass/US-6 - 0.8 mi
    43. Turn left at N Bridge St/PA-29/PA-309/Sr 29 N Continue to follow PA-29/PA-309 - 9.4 mi
    44. Slight right at S Rd 29/PA-29 - 2.6 mi
    45. Turn left at S Rd 29/Main St/PA-29 Continue to follow S Rd 29/PA-29 - 3.1 mi
    46. Slight right at S Rd 29/PA-29/State Route 29 Continue to follow PA-29/State Route 29 - 7.9 mi
    47. Turn right at Hunlocks-Ross Rd/Main Rd/PA-118/Sweet Valley Rd Continue to follow PA-118 - 12.0 mi
    48. Slight left at PA-487/State Route 487 Continue to follow PA-487 - 24.9 mi
    49. Turn left at East St/PA-487/US-11 Continue to follow PA-487 - 5.2 mi Bloomsburg area.
    50. Turn left at 4th St/Mill St/PA-42/PA-487 Continue to follow PA-42/PA-487 - 0.7 mi
    51. Slight right at PA-487/Southern Dr Continue to follow PA-487 - 11.5 mi
    52. Turn left at PA-61 - 4.8 mi
    53. Turn left at PA-61/W Sunbury St - 0.1 mi
    54. Turn right at N Market St/PA-125 Continue to follow PA-125 - 1.4 mi
    55. Turn left to stay on PA-125 - 8.4 mi very twisty road. but you will turn in the town Higens
    56. Turn left to stay on PA-125 - 6.8 mi
    57. Turn right at W Main St/PA-25/Pottsville St Continue to follow PA-25 - 26.0 mi
    58. Turn right at Union St - 0.4 mi
    59. Turn right at Market Square - 253 ft
    60. Turn right at Market St/PA-147 - 0.1 mi
    61. Turn left at North St - 0.2 mi
    62. Take the Millersburg-Liverpool ferry to Liverpool - 0.9 mi Ferry.
    63. Continue straight onto Millersby Ferry Rd/T534 - 0.4 mi
    64. Turn left at Susquehanna Trail/US-11/US-15 Continue to follow US-11/US-15 - 28.1 mi
    65. Continue on N Front St - 0.7 mi
    66. Turn right at Market St - 0.4 mi
    67. Turn left at S 3rd St - 0.2 mi
    68. Turn right at Hummel Ave - 0.6 mi
    69. Turn left at S 10th St - 0.5 mi
    70. Take the ramp onto I-83 S - 25.5 mi
    71. Take exit 16A to merge onto PA-74/S Queen St Continue to follow PA-74 - 4.4 mi

    Arrive at: Dallastown, PA

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    Thumbs up Thanks Statdog, That will be my route home

    I thank you for the effort that you put into your response. It looks to be a great, scenic route. I will journey that way on the trip home, it looks more laid back.

    I'll go down via the Appalachian Trail route thru MA, CT, NY, PA then meander over to my destination.

    I am going to take in the Gettysburg Memorial while there and any other historic sites I can find. I hear the Gettysburg Memorial will touch your soul if you let it. I'm looking forward to it.

    I'll let you know how it goes, thanks again.

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    Sent a PM yesterday, for some local roads in the Pa area. The route above includes some very nice roads, looks like a route I would run.

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    Wow. Statdawg's got it covered. I'd only add that the run from Millersburg south (11/15 to 83 S) can be a bit of a drag depending on the time of day. 83S from Harrisburg is pretty much a sightless slab run with lots of truck traffic. As an alternative you could take almost any of the side roads that roughly parallel 83 west of York and then to Dallastown. Scenic and some routes are very lightly travelled.

    There is nice riding south of Dallastown east of and west of 83 to the PA-MD border. I don't think you'll be bored with riding during your visit to the area. You're coming to backroad/side road heaven.

    I live between Hanover and Gettysburg. There is nice riding west of Gettysburg and south into Maryland--too many options to be specific. Just explore.

    You should have a nice trip!
    Ben Ricci

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