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Thread: Track Rally, Anyone?

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    Track Rally, Anyone?

    I don't know crap about organizing a rally and even less about trackdays, but if I can get some help, I'd like to create a track oriented rally at Mid Ohio Sports Car Course.

    It's well known for its scenic setting and good camping facilities, not to mention the road course.

    If we do this, there are a couple things I want to include: sessions for airheads, open sessions to include other brands, local stunt rider demo. I don't think we need to buy the whole place for the whole weekend. I think we can buy session time and reserve a block of camping spots. Ohio State Univ. has a small MC club and is able to afford track days or sessions.

    Maybe it could morph into a Regional Event.

    I'm not married to Mid Ohio, it's close and beautiful, but if other sites are better, cheaper, easier to schedule, I'll still help plan and organize.

    If a couple people with rally and/or trackday organizing experience contact me, I'll approach Mid Ohio about dates and costs.

    I see this happening in 2010 or 11.

    PM or

    PS: I'm not a track rider. Just want to expand my experiences and do things that attract interesting (young) people. I love the old, bald, fat guys that show up to my tech weekends, BUT...
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