In 1983?, on April 1, I rode a 400cc Yamaha Maxim from Boulder, Colorado to the foothills west of Fort Collins. I have great memories of being chased along by a big storm hugging to foothills, the clouds developing black and blue colors and streaks of lightning all around me as I raced along on the back route between Boulder and Lyons.

I wore my ATGATT of the time, my Dad's lineman gloves, a white open face helmet with a big gold peace sign on the back side, an old paratrooper padded green jacket, levis and huge 3/4 shank hiking boots with vibram soles as thick as a book; I don’t remember how I shifted.

I can remember I had just purchased a little red transistor radio the week before, and had ear buds tucked into my ears, listening to KBCO radio out of Boulder, who were doing their April Fools day spoof, which for about half the trip I thought was legit, until it dawned on me it was April 1st.

What a magnificent trip. Forever in my memories. My now wife (then girl friend)and I had bought 35 acres, and lived in a little silver trailer on our property hauling water and using an ancient old septic left behind from the original house, by then gone. (before much zoning in Larimer county). It was over four years until we finally paid off the land and built a proper house.

My Girl was in grad school, and I was a counselor at a jail. Our little trailer was our love shack; we ate tons of venison and brown rice that night, home canned tomatoes and baklava for dessert.

Good memories of an April 1st ride... I hope I never forget the wonderful storm, the smells that spring day injecting into my nose, and obviously into my memories.

How about you?

And I don't think it has to be April 1st, just any great ride tucked in your memories...